Auditions Announced for THE FACULTY LOUNGE

VP_logoInside the forbidden walls of an ordinary, American high school faculty lounge, teachers get honest. The play is a comedy… until it’s not. Act One inspires hearty laughter at the humanness of those who teach, and Act Two touches the audience with a different side of that same humanity and the students who test it.

July 10 at 3pm
July 11 at 7pm

The Village Players of Fort Thomas
8 N Fort Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 41075


The Teachers:

  • Becky, about 60. Satirical and jaded
  • Dylan, 40s-50s. Football coach and math teacher
  • Megan, 30s. Practical Living teacher
  • Emily, 20s. Drama and social studies
  • Nick, 20s. Science teacher

The Students:

  • 2 M, filling various roles of varying ages
  • 3 W, filling various roles of varying ages

Audition Info

  • Cold readings from the script
  • Bring photo and resume if possible

Production Dates
October 7-9 and 13-15

Presented by special arrangement with Teri Foltz.
Directed by Nathan Henegar.


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