The Passing of Jason Holt

-From the Mason Community Players page
May 28 at 11:08pm

MCP_Jason Holt picMy MCP Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that we have lost a dear friend, Jason Holt today. Jason was working this afternoon with a company on a fireworks display (something he very much enjoyed doing). He was found slumped over on the ground near where he had been working. Emergency responders were called (and happened to be onsite so were on the scene quickly) but they were unable to revive him. It is suspected that he suffered from some sort of sudden heart attack or aneurism; they are hoping to find out for sure when the coroner does an autopsy this week.

Jason has been a member of MCP since 2004. In that time, he has been a key figure behind the scenes giving his time and talent to lighting and/or sound for just about every show we have done. He served as President of the board for a year an a half before stepping down for personal reasons. Jason’s heart, though continued to be with MCP and he couldn’t stay away. Most recently, he has worked with Larry Hirth on building improvements for Theatre 42. Just this week, he was working with Larry on the wardrobes for the costumes so we can move them in on Monday. He had a heart of gold and found every opportunity to share the gifts he had with those around him.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jason’s family. Please keep Larry & Verol Hirth in your thoughts – many of you know that Jason lived with the Hirths and he has worked with Larry for many years. Larry was at the scene when Jason was found and we know that his passing is heartbreaking for him. Please also keep his girlfriend, Jen Ruby, in your thoughts.

Jason’s passing is an enormous loss for MCP. He loved working tech and even more loved hanging with the members of MCP. There was rarely an instance where he could help us that he didn’t. Let us finish this year dedicating what we do to Jason and his memory.

2016 MCP President

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