MCP Announces cast of DAMN YANKEES


  • Joe Hardy: David Manegold
  • Mr. Applegate: Jim Watson
  • Joe Boyd: Jason Gonzalez
  • Meg Boyd: Julie Jordan
  • Lola: Elizabeth Zerhusen
  • Sister Miller: Mary Taylor
  • Doris Miller: Gaylene May


  • Welch: Joel Lind
  • Hearn: Larry Catlin
  • Commissioner: Tom Caruso
  • Miss Weston: Carey Dunn


  • Gloria Thorpe: Julie Poux
  • Lynch: Keith Fix
  • Reporter: Ray Lebowski
  • Radio Announcer: Tim Wesolowski


  • Van Buren: Darren Courtney
  • Rocky: Stephen Catlin
  • Smokey: Tony Bergman
  • Vernon/Sohovik: Peyton Hahn
  • Henry: Caleb Williamson
  • Linville: Larry Catlin
  • Bouley: Clayton Woosley
  • Lowe: Michael Heimlich
  • Mickey: Matt Hook
  • Bryan: Tyler DeHaven
  • Del: Cody Groh
  • Ballplayers:
  • Coaches: Ray Lebowski, Perry Gary, John Masterson, Tom Caruso
  • Towel Boys: Yoshi Schmaltz, Kenji Schmaltz


  • Perry Gary & Jodi Dunavent
  • Ray Lebowski & Susan Berger
  • Tom Caruso & Jennifer Lisa
  • Keith Fix & Trisha Cooper
  • Joel Lind & Pat George
  • Peyton Hahn & Carey Dunn
  • Darren Courtney & Sonya Neff
  • Caleb Williamson & Lisa Liu
  • Tony Bergman & Ali Jones
  • Stephen Catlin & Tessa Catlin
  • Merrie Stewart & Partner
  • MAMBA DANCERS: Mandy Caruso, Whitney Dottery, Kiya Fix, Sonya Neff, Mandy Thompson, Ali Jones
  • SOUL DANCERS: Mandy Caruso, Whitney Dottery, Kiya Fix, Sonya Neff, Mandy Thompson, Ali Jones, Perry Gary
  • NIGHTCLUB: Monika Rudolph, Katie Hibner, Larry Catlin, Caleb Williamson, Kaitlyn King, Lisa Liu, Clayton Woosley, John Masterson, Merrie Stewart
  • CHEVY CHASE FAN CLUB: Katie Werner, Asher Williamson, Michael Heimlich, Yoshi Schmaltz, Kenji Schmaltz, Grannt Epstein, Sarah Epstein, Monika Rudolph, Anthony Werner


  • The Real “Lola”: Mo Rettig
  • Baseball Aficionados: Susan Berger, Pat George, John Masterson, Carey Dunn, Keith Fix, Tom Caruso, Ali Jones, Merrie Stewart, Jennifer Lisa, Ray Lebowski, Tessa Catlin, Trisha Cooper, Rebecca McLaughlin, Monika Rudolph

DAMN YANKEES runs July 19-22. For more information visit

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