Presented as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’12
Emery Theatre

Reviews: CityBeat |

Absurd, modern and fantastical, this play realizes the desire in all of us to forgo and escape our own responsibilities in favor of something a little further down the rabbit hole. Leah summons a doppelganger in order to shirk her responsibilities, only to find herself locked in a cell and being prepared for sacrifice, leaving her friends back home in terrible danger. A demon is involved, as well as some cannibalism (depending on what your rules are). With a semi-interactive set, a visible Twitter feed and local music, this play is exciting, strange and engrossing.

Written by Tyler Smetts
Directed by Leah Strasser

Cast: Leah Strasser, Ben Dudley, Stephen Geering, Jon Nutter & MaryKate Moran

  • Sat, June 2 at 7:45pm
  • Mon, June 4 at 7:15pm
  • Wed, June 6 at 7pm
  • Fri, June 8 at 9:15pm
  • Sat, June 9 at 8:45pm

Official page with online ticketing | FaceBook event |

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