MEMOIR OF A MYTHOMANIAC rom East Tennessee University State Players - Photo by Joe Bourguignon

MEMOIR OF A MYTHOMANIAC: THE TRUE STORY OF A COMPULSIVE LIAR (OR TALLULAH DIES) from East Tennessee State University Patchwork Players as part of the 2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You can read the show description here.

MEMOIR OF A MYTHOMANIAC, a fusion of spoken word and dance, offers solid acting throughout the cast. It is also great to see the always-on-stage ensemble focused on the action throughout the entire show. Versatile ensemble members Savannah Arwood, Brock Cooley and Cara Harker (the latter also serves as director, playwright and choreographer) take on several smaller roles.

The choreography is visually interesting and well-executed with good technique. Personal favorites include: the solo during the father’s interview (with a well-choreographed and executed on stage costume change) and the pas de deux with Kelsey Danielle Mumpower and Everett Tarlton. I thought extending the dance, through Tarlton’s costume change to be a smart detail. I also enjoyed the use of the yoga balls in the choreography of the teenage flashback, and the final “confrontation dance” which had some great support poses. It might be interesting to see the confrontation begin with some movement to build a little momentum that can be carried into the dance.

During the scene with the father (Matthew D. Huffman) and the therapist, I liked the decision to keep the interview going throughout the dance. After the dance, the remainder of the scene seemed to be just a tad too long. I’m not sure if the cause was the script or the lack of blocking. I did find the transition into the final scene to be a bit abrupt and wouldn’t mind a line or two to give the audience an idea of when the final confrontation is taking place.

Mumpower turns in a solid performance as Jane. I would like to see her relax into the role. You’ve “got” Jane, so take confidence in that, relax and really enjoy your last performance.

Overall a solid, well-directed show, with dance that added a visual grace to the narrative.

The final performance of MEMOIR OF A MYTHOMANIAC  at Hanke 1 is Saturday at 8:45pm.

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