TO AND FRO AND UP AND DOWN presented by Kleesattel Productions as part of the 2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You can read the show description here.

Please note that the run time for this production has been increased to 45 minutes.

The Devil himself gets the Fringe treatment courtesy of an original script by Benjamin Kleesattel, under the deft direction of his aunt, Gina Kleesattel.

The Devil may seem an odd choice for leading a Bible study, but then again, wouldn’t someone who has been around since “in the beginning” have some interesting insights?

Dain Alan Paige is spot-on as an unassuming, professor-ly, and seemingly honest narrator for the piece. Cutting through the “vilification” the Devil has endured by the media for thousands of years, the play focuses on the parts of the Bible where he is actually mentioned by name.

Over the course of the lecture, Satan is joined by Adam and Eve, the Snake, Job and his wife and Jesus. The solid ensemble of Brendon North, Anne Arezina and Joe Caesar each tackle a pair of these supporting roles. Caesar as the snake was a personal favorite.

The script is smart and offers some fun “insights” into what may have been lost in translation over the years. Perhaps a few scenes could use some editing but that is a minor complaint.

Unfortunately with the run-time being incorrect, I was forced to leave the performance just as Jesus made his entrance near the end of the show. I’m hoping to find a way to catch  the rest of the show before the Festival ends.

Four performances remain of TO AND FRO AND UP AND DOWN at the Art Academy, Sat, June 4 at 3:15pm; Tue, July 7 at 7pm; Thu, July 9 at 8:15pm and Sat, June 11 at 3pm.

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