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Auditions Announced for TOXIC AVENGER: The Musical at Falcon Theater

FT_logoFalcon Theatre is proud to announce for TOXIC AVENGER: The Musical, directed by Charlie Russell & music direction by Jay P. Myers.

Audition dates are May 16 & 17 from 7-10pm at Falcon Theatre, 636 Monmouth St, Newport KY 41071.

The show will run September 30 through October 15.  All parts are paid. The part of the Toxic Avenger is already cast.

Available Roles:

  • Sarah, The Blind Librarian
    The classic heroine. Blind. Very sexy and sensual. Always speaks exactly what’s on her mind. An aspiring writer of graphic romance novels.
    Gender: female Age: 20’s to 30’s
    Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: G3
  • Mayor Babs Belgoody / Ma Ferd / Nun
    As the Mayor, she is corrupt and scheming. Accepts loads of cash in return for storing the toxic waste. Set on one day being the governor of New Jersey by any means necessary.  The Mayor and Ma Ferd sing a duet “together”.
    Gender: female Age: 40s to 50s
    Vocal range top: G5 Vocal range bottom: G3
  • Black Dude
    Appears as numerous supporting roles, both male and female, such as Professor Ken, Sluggo the bully, Little Old Lady, and Shinequa the friend.  Physically versatile with strong dialects.
    Gender: male Age: 20s to 40s
    Vocal range top: D6 Vocal range bottom: A3
  • White Dude
    Appears as numerous supporting roles, both male and female, such as Dr. Fishbein, Bozo the bully, Sal the cop, and Lorenzo the hairdresser.  Physically versatile with strong dialects.
    Gender: male Age: 20s to 40s
    Vocal range top: B5 Vocal range bottom: A3

For auditions please prepare:

  • 16-32 bars of a song, with sheet music, in the style of the show (rock). No a capella auditions will be permitted
  • Be prepared to participate in cold readings from the script and wear comfortable clothing for movement auditions.

Questions? Please contact Charlie Russell at directorchas@gmail.com.


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Magic Duo Recreates the Intimacy of Vaudeville Performances

Live family entertainment comes to Newport’s Monmouth Theatre

MISC_ A Little Night Magic logoNEWPORT, KY Multi-Award winning magician Sir Pat-Trick and Special Guest Star Illusionist Mike Woodward have joined forces to create a fun family program they are humbly calling A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC, which can be experienced in Newport on Friday February 26th, Saturday February 27th, and Sunday February 28th 2016. Show times are 8pm Friday and Saturday and a 2pm Matinee on Sunday.

A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC showcases segments of Sir Pat-Trick’s performances at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, where he received two standing ovations, and parts of his recent act he performed at The World Famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California.

Illusionist Mike Woodward will feature portions of his College Spectacular and Major American Business show that have been featured in appearances in China, Mexico and Canada.

The program will be at the Monmouth Theatre which is located at 636 Monmouth Street Newport, Kentucky 41071. Ticket Prices are $10 dollars for children ages 12 and under, $15 dollars General Admission, and $20 dollars VIP Package (which includes admission to the show, 1 soft drink and a special gift).Tickets may be purchased online at http://www.littlenightmagic.com or day of performance at the door if still available. This fast past 90 minute performance piece is a fun filled family friendly show that uses traditional magic and side splitting comedy to transport the audience back into the time of the golden age of Magic, A time where Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harry Houdini, and Howard Thurston all reigned supreme. “We are calling this a performance piece because this is not your typical magic show.” said Sir Pat-Trick and Mike Woodward.

“Monmouth Theatre, with seating for 70 people, is a cozy venue that allows every audience member to have a great seat.” said Sir Pat-Trick.

Sir Pat-Trick is a proud hometown boy having graduated from Elder High school and also from Mount St. Joseph University. “It is a great feeling to be able to bring this new show back home to the Tri-State” said Sir Pat-Trick. Professionally He has won regional and National performances awards and also has had been featured in articles in Magic Magazine, An International Publication for Magicians, about being directed and coached by Joanie Spina, David Copperfield’s Former Lead Assistant and Artistic Director.

Mike Woodward is an Illusion builder. He has designed illusions to make the guest of honor appear; caused a CEO to vanish from the stage and re-appear driving a car up the aisle of the meeting room. “It will be great performing in A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC and hope so see everyone at the Show.” said Woodward.

You can get more information at our website, www.LittleNightMagic.com or by E-mail at sirpat_trick@yahoo.com Performers Individual websites www.sirpat-trick.com or

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Presented by Feisty Broads Productions
Jan. 8-9

Written by and featuring Cathy Springfield & Sherry McCamley

SHE’S CRAZY is a cabaret format that uses original songs and personal stories with the goal of reducing the stigma of Mental Health. The subtitle, “Mental Health and Other Myths” speaks to the idea that we all have some sort of mental health issue throughout our lifetime. One in four people in the U.S. (62 million people) has a diagnosable mental illness and the other three know someone, either a family member, a co worker, or friend, that has a mental illness; we’re all in it together! Mental Health is a combination of support and treatment. Feisty Broads Productions aims to support open discussion and decrease the fear of talking about mental illness.

  • Fri-Sat at 8pm

Official page |

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Links to all reviews can be found using the REVIEWS link at the top of the any page. Blog postings, links and  more are available on my Facebook fan page. You can also receive updates on Twitter from @BTCincyRob.

Nicole Jeannine Smith, Simon Powell, Adam Jones, Jared Earland & Becca Howell.

Nicole Jeannine Smith, Simon Powell, Adam Jones, Jared Earland & Becca Howell.

THE MYSTERY PLAYS presented by Falcon Theatre through Nov. 21. Click here for more information on the production. I attended the opening night performance.

The title, THE MYSTERY PLAYS, may be a bit misleading. For me, the tone of the slightly-related one-acts hearkens back to such anthology series as The Twilight Zone or Amazing Stories.

Director Lindsey Augusta Mercer gives the production a great, stylized look that I enjoyed very much. The somber color pallet of the costumes, accented at times with hoods and jackets were visually intriguing. Great work by costumer designer Tara Williams and seamstress Lisa Dirkes. Ted J. Weil’s lighting design also adds strongly to the mood.

The show boasts a strong fully-committed ensemble.

In the first act, The Filmmaker’s Mystery, Adam Jones takes the lead as horror movie-maker Joe Manning. Jones gives Manning a self-absorbed but likable personality. As potential love interest Nathan West, Simon Powell gives an honest, believable performance, which makes the truth of the character that much more surprising.

Falcon Theatre presents THE MYSTERY PLAYS, Friday-Nov. 21.

The cast.

Playwright Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa’s script is very dense, packing much information in this short story. The first act seemed to drag in places underneath that weight. There were times when the delivery of the exposition worked against the information being imparted. Nicole Jeannine Smith has a fun characterization in Joe Manning’s agent, but when the character imports crucial information near the end of the act, the delivery isn’t engaging.

For act two’s Ghost Children, Becca Howell is Abby Gilly, a lawyer returning to her hometown sixteen years after a family tragedy. I found this act to be a bit emotionally flat. In the final moments of her story, when Abby speaks her truth aloud for the first time it should be a dark revelation for the character and an emotional gut-punch to the audience. Without the memories that Abby re-lives building emotionally to this moment, the reveal lacks any true power, making the ending feel a bit anti-climatic going into the epilogue.

Overall a strong, intriguing and visually-strong production.

My rating: 4.25 out of 5.

I would enjoy hearing what you think about the show or my review. All I ask is that you express your opinion without attacking someone else’s opinion. You can post your comments below.

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Falcon Theatre presents THE MYSTERY PLAYS, Friday-Nov. 21.

Falcon Theatre
Nov. 6-21

Directed by Lindsey Augusta Mercer

Cast: Jared Earland, Becca Howell, Adam Jones, Simon Powell, Nicole Jeannine Smith & Leah Strasser

Two interrelated one acts. In the first play, The Filmmaker’s Mystery, Joe Manning, a director of horror films, survives a terrible train wreck—only to be haunted by the ghost of Nathan West, one of the passengers who didn’t survive. As the police investigate Joe, he investigates Nathan, desperate to understand why he survived and what Nathan’s specter could possible want. In the second play, Ghost Children, Abby Gilly travels to a small town in rural Oregon to make peace with the man who brutally murdered her parents and younger sister sixteen years earlier. The man—the murderer—is her older brother. Like the original medieval mystery plays, THE MYSTERY PLAYS wrestles with the most profound of human ideas: the mysteries of death, the afterlife, religion, faith, and forgiveness—in a uniquely American way.

  • Fri-Sat, Nov. 6-7 at 8pm
  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 12-14 at 8pm
  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 19-21 at 8pm

Official page |

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