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CFF18: Improv Festival of Cincinnati (IF Cincy) Preview

IF 2018_logoImprov Festival of Cincinnati (IF Cincy) Preview
Part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’18
Woodward Theatre

OTRimprov brings you a glimpse of the 5th Annual Improv Festival of Cincinnati – this year, we’re proud to present shows by Improv Cincinnati and OTRimprov, featuring some of the fantastic female improvisers performing in Cincinnati. And we’ll be combining forces for an All Star Chronicle, where we take stories told by a guest storyteller and weave them into improv scenes.

  • Mon, June 4 at 7:45pm

Official page | Press release | Facebook page | Facebook event | Official website

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CFF_Spy in the House of Men_1x1SPY IN THE HOUSE OF MEN
Part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’17
Coffee Emporium

Written and performed by Penny Sterling

Forgo the frill, abandon pretension, and dig in for 50 minutes of humble and humorous insight as Penny Sterling relates the very true story of her fictitious life as a man, and her true life as a transgender woman. Rochester comedienne, parent, TV producer/director, improv artist, storyteller, and now informant, Penny will report the findings from her 54 years as a SPY IN THE HOUSE OF MEN.

  • Thu, June 1 at 8:30pm
  • Sat, June 3 at 7:45pm
  • Sun, June 4 at 8:30pm
  • Tue, June 6 at 8:30pm
  • Sat, June 10 at 2:45pm

Official page | Press release | Facebook page | Facebook event | Official website |


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Cincy Fringe 2016 Producer’s Pick Award Winner Returns in 2017 with GEN & MABEL

Cincy Fringe 2016 Producer’s Pick Award winner
with Executive Producer Jack Sharkey present


as part of the 14th Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival
May 31 – June 9, 2017

CFF_Gen_and_Mabel promo

What: Caps Lock Theatre with Executive Producer Jack Sharkey presents Leta Tremblay’s GEN & MABEL

Artists: Written by Leta Tremblay. Directed by Mariah MacCarthy
Starring Kayla Jackmon and Sarah Matteucci with Cincinnati local Josh Reiter

Where: Art Academy Commons, 1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


  • Wednesday, May 31, 06:30 pm
  • Friday, June 2, 9:00pm
  • Sunday, June 4, 4:45pm
  • Tuesday, June 6, 9:00pm
  • Friday, June 9, 7:00pm

Tickets & Passes: www.cincyfringe.com


capslocktheatre.com @CapsLockTheatre | letatremblay.com @LetaTremblay | mariahmaccarthy.com @MariahMacCarthy

From last year’s Producer’s Pick Award winner (Baby Mama) comes a heartbreaking queer dramedy! Gen and Mabel like each other. A whole lot. So why can’t this relationship seem to get off the ground? As they try to shortcut their way to intimacy by baring their souls, they break each other’s hearts repeatedly in tiny, devastating ways – and then come back together. A story about trust, lust, and the quest for connection.

About Caps Lock Theatre:
Caps Lock Theatre does funny, ugly, human plays. We like plays where people are at both their worst and their best; where people screw each other—or themselves—over, and have to find a way to deal with it; where people’s hearts hurt, or open, or blossom. We also believe in fun. Our plays will probably make you laugh. Probably more than once. And, we believe in creating art by whatever means necessary. If we are fortunate enough to piece together enough resources for lavish sets and fabulous special effects, awesome. If (more likely) we have to make work on a shoestring budget, on-the-fly, in an unconventional location, then we’ll do that and still knock your socks off. capslocktheatre.com


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Know Theatre announces the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival Line-Up

New website launched for the 2012 Fringe Festival

Know Theatre of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Fringe Festival are set to welcome over 7,500 visitors to Downtown & Over-the-Rhine for the 9th annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival, May 29 – June 9, 2012. The Festival will begin on May 29 with the exciting CityBeat Fringe Kick-off Party. The festival will continue through June 9 with 30 Performance Fringe productions and three FringeNext productions.

Festivities begin with the official CityBeat Fringe Kick-Off Party on May 29 at 6pm. Guests will enjoy the kick ass sounds of local band, The Dukes are Dead, the launch of the 2012 Channel Fringe Hard-Hitting Action News Update, food, and more. Mayberry, Skirtz & Johnston, and Washington Platform will provide food and there will also be Christian Moerlein drink specials all night long. It’s a great way to meet the Fringe artists, staff, volunteers, and other audience members! A suggested donation of $5 will get you into the event.

This year’s pool of applicants had great variety and 69% of all applications were brand new producers to Cincinnati. 52% of all applications were from out-of-town. Of accepted applications there are 15 local groups and 15 out-of-town groups. Breakdown of performances is twelve plays, nine solo shows, four dance pieces, and five multimedia/variety pieces. Of the accepted Performance Fringe and FringeNext groups, 15 are returning and 18 are brand new to the festival.

“I was thrilled to see so many applications from new artists this year,” says Producing Artistic Director Eric Vosmeier. “A lot of past Fringe artists are recommending our Festival to other artists, which has helped recruit some new applicants. We have tried to make the Cincinnati Fringe as artist centric as possible by keeping fees low, providing housing at no cost, and offering workshops and development opportunities for the participating artists. This approach has helped make Cincinnati Fringe one of the more highly regarded festivals by artists. We’re proud of that reputation and we’re going to continue working to maintain and improve the atmosphere we’ve created among this community of artists.”

2012 will be the second year of FringeNext. FringeNext will consist of three Fringe productions created by and performed by high school students. FringeNext performances will all take place at our community partner, The School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Students participating in this program will attend workshops led by Fringe artists and staff in April to learn about all the aspects of producing a show in the festival, and will also participate as a volunteer at other festival events. FringeNext is aimed at fostering high school performers and providing a training ground for aspiring theatre professionals by creating a festival featuring exclusively high school student projects.

“FringeNext was a huge success last year and I was excited to see new schools apply this year,” says Vosmeier. “FringeNext is a unique opportunity for these student artists to create something and learn how to make all of the various moving parts work together. We’re grateful to SCPA for allowing us to

use their facility. They are the perfect partner for this program and we look forward to a long partnership with them. “

The 2012 Festival will include the Visual Fringe and Film Fringe. These facets of the festival have changed considerably in the past few years as Know Theatre has worked to re-think how they work within the rest of the festival. The Visual Fringe this year will consist of a collaborative mural project, painted by Higher Level Art. Participating artists will be asked questions about what Fringe means to them and the mural will be designed and painted using all of their input. The Film Fringe, previously a series of submitted independent films, will instead become a documentary project where teams of filmmakers will examine several Fringe Festival performance groups and their process in creating a Fringe show. These films will then be shown during the festival.

All individual tickets to Fringe Festival shows will continue to be $12 this year. Full Frontal Fringe passes are $200 and gets you all access to every event in the festival. Flexible Voyeur six-show passes are on sale for $60 or the price equivalent of five tickets. One night stand passes are $35 and allow the user access to as many productions as they can see on one weeknight (which is up to three) and one drink at Know Theatre’s Bar.

For more information about the performances or to purchase passes, check out http://www.cincyfringe.com or call 513.300.5669(KNOW). During the festival, tickets to all performances can be purchased online 24 hours a day, over the phone from 11am to 10pm, or in person at the headquarters box office at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 1120 Jackson Street, or at individual venues thirty minutes prior to show times. Single tickets will go on sale mid-May.

After the shows each day, artists, audience members, staff, and volunteers all gather together at Know Theatre’s Underground and headquarters for the Fringe Bar Series featuring the Channel Fringe Hard Hitting Action News Update. Each evening features different activities such as the Fringe previews, Fringe Olympics, Fringe-A-Oke, Fringe Prom, Segway Night, and the 22.5 hour play project. Food will be provided and select food vendors on site for select nights during the bar series. Please check cincyfringe.com for bar series schedule as updates will continue to be added as the festival draws closer.

The 2012 Performance Fringe Selection Committee consists of Heather Britt, Michael Haney , D. Lynn Meyers, Brian Isaac Phillips, and Kellen York.

Below is a list of performances accepted into the 9th Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival. As is the case with Fringe Festivals, show titles, subjects, and the line-up are subject to change. This release will be updated with any changes. Please visit cincyfringe.com for the most up to date information.

FringeNext Participants

Show Title: Blown Up
Group Name: The Inflatables
New Participant
Genre: Theatre, Comedy
Brief Description: Blown Up explores the complex relationship between Man, Woman, and blow up doll. When Woman finds out that Man has been cheating on her with a blow up doll they begin to realize that their relationship was messed up from the beginning. They find themselves caught up in a circle of constant fighting, accusations, and unhappiness that causes their life together to blow up. If you like blow up dolls, absurdist theatre, relationship drama, or any of the three, this is the show for you!
Artist/Company Biography: The five of us attend the School for Creative and Performing Arts. We are a mix of juniors and seniors all majoring in aspects of theatre. We all plan to attend college for theatre and pursue it as a career.
Primary Contact Name: Abigail Matey
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Shakes It Up! Deconstructing Shakespeare
Group Name: Lakota West Theatre, Acting 3
New Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: The show opens with Jacque reciting the “All the world’s a stage” speech from As You Like It. Other characters enter to examine each of the seven stages. For example, since Macbeth and Juliet have infantile qualities, they enter to show different types of dependency. The Lover stage is explored through dance and the soldier stage through stage combat. Additionally, Hamlet examines the Justice character through his quest for justice in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Through the first six stages, Jacques reaches a more complete understanding of the final stage–sans everything.
Artist/Company Biography: For the past three years, the cast members have become an ensemble through the three levels of acting classes offered at Lakota West High School. Students have studied the acting methods needed to portray Shakespeare’s characters in a modern perspective. Studies with other great playwrights and various acting exercises have encouraged further exploration into all aspects of theatre. Students have explored many of Shakespeare’s works through school classes and personal study. Additional training in dance and stage combat also enhance our production. Primary Contact Name: Kim Eldridge
From: West Chester, OH

Show Title: You Will Have Twenty-Five Minutes to Complete This Essay
Group Name: The 25ers
New Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: In a world of every teenage stereotype ever written, ten brave and mildly bizarre children dare to battle the forceful! The cruel! The dreaded SCHOLASTIC ASSESSMENT TEST!!! Hilarity and delight guaranteed. No number two pencils required.
Artist/Company Biography: The cast of You Will Have Twenty-Five Minutes to Complete This Essay is thrilled to be making their debut on the Fringe stage! While many of them have had a chance to work together for multiple school productions they’re excited to finally join forces to strut their stuff for the Fringe audiences. They hope the show is enjoyed by all.
Primary Contact Name: Alexx Rouse
From: Cincinnati, OH

Performance Fringe Participants

Show Title: A Hands on Guide to The Apocalypse
Group Name: Kleesattel Productions
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre, Comedy
Brief Description: As the Mayans predicted, the world will end in 2012. Many view this upcoming apocalypse with dread and fear –we do not. In the midst of the collapse of society, there is opportunity. No longer will you be forced to concern yourself with the opinions of your neighbors, or to ‘like’ the moronic comments of your fellow man. Come January 2013, empathy and human decency are gone. We celebrate this and you can too. Learn to embrace end times with the joy and ecstasy the situation merits. Hope no one you know is around to see you enjoy it.
Artist/Company Biography: Gina Kleesattel: Despite a litany of restraining orders is employed at the School for Creative and Performing Arts as a teacher. She has also worked as a director and producer throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area and regions of the Sub-Continent. This is the second production at the Fringe that she has produced and directed—the first that did not involve graphic nudity. Benjamin Kleesattel: I don’t know what it is about him but Ben has one of those faces you just want to punch. I mean he’s a nice guy I guess, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way. This is the second script the little prick has written for the Fringe. The first was To and Fro and Up and Down.
Primary Contact Name: Gina Kleesattel
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: American Badass in Cincy
Group Name: Rev. Nuge
Returning Participant
Genre: Solo, Comedy
Brief Description: From the Motor City to the Queen City, Tommy “Rev. Nuge” Nugent (writer/performer of Fringe hits The Show and Burning Man Redux) returns to where it all began…and where it all almost ended. Hear the stories behind the Storyteller living life on the fringe of the Fringe, including: Drinking with the Angel of Death, How I Accidentally Killed My Co-stars and Answering the Age-old Question: ‘What Would Kid Rock Do?’ (“Nugent makes it look easy and fun.” – City Beat, “Hanging out with world class characters like Rev. Nuge is what Fringe is all about.” – Orlando Weekly)
Artist/Company Biography: Just your basic preacher turned gambler turned law school dropout turned street magician turned corporate recruiter turned motivational speaker turned wandering hedonistic holy man, Tommy “Reverend Nuge” Nugent has performed his unique brand of heart felt comedic storytelling for more than half a million people across the U.S. and Canada. Awards include: FABBY award – Orlando Fringe, Best Spirit of the Arts award – The Beat, Arts in London, Multiple sell-out award / Golden Plunger award – Fresno Rogue Festival
Primary Contact Name: Tommy Nugent
From: Detroit, MI

Show Title: Bombus and Berrylinne, or the Bumblebee and the Hummingbird
Group Name: Four Humors Theater
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre, Family-friendly
Brief Description: Follow the adventures of a hummingbird and a bumblebee named Bombus and Berrylinne. A show created by mashing together stories brought to Four Humors by people of all ages. People as young as two saw pictures of the characters and wrote stories that will then inspire the show. What crazy adventures will these characters find themselves in? Can you tell which parts were written by a two year old? When we are playing, does it really matter how old we are?
Artist/Company Biography: Four Humors strives to create art that celebrates the humor, stupidity, and beauty of our world by letting the artist connect with the audience in a vulnerable and honest way. Four Humors is from Minneapolis Minnesota and this will be their 5th Cincy Fringe. Four Humors makes the beautiful foolish and the foolish beautiful.
Primary Contact Name: Jason Ballweber
From: Minneapolis, MN

Show Title: Breaking Rank!
Group Name: Howard Petrick
New Participant
Genre: Solo, Drama Brief Description: The autobiographical solo show of a Vietnam-era draftee who fights against the military bureaucracy for his right to organize his fellow GIs against the war. “Petrick’s smooth writing and linear flow makes his story super-engaging and yes, very funny.” – Winnipeg Uptown. “It’s a dazzling display with a self-deprecating honesty.” – Kings River Life. “It’s an engaging tale, often funny…Petrick’s writing is strong…valuable as a piece of history in a time when for much of the population, Vietnam is just a vague, long-ago event.” – Fresno Bee “…relevant and real” – Culture Vulture Victoria “Fascinating… engaging.” – CBC
Artist/Company Biography: Howard Petrick has studied solo performance theater with David Ford, James Donlon, Leonard Pitt and Ann Randolph. He has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada. In October 2011 he had an eight week run at The Marsh Berkeley in Berkeley, California. Mr. Petrick has worked as a photographer and is an award winning documentary filmmaker.
Primary Contact Name: Howard Petrick
From: San Francisco, CA

Show Title: Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical Cincinnati Anthropological Inquisitorial Probe
Group Name: Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical
New Participant
Genre: Improv, Interdisciplinary
Brief Description: “The Fantastical…” is an ongoing, ever-evolving, theater/social science experiment. Cecily Marlborough and Gwendolyn Hamm are time-traveling Victorian Social Anthropologists. Finishing their sure-to-be-definitive study, “A history of human cultures- from nascent tool makers to the baffling architects of their own, seemingly inevitable, doom,” they gather vital, missing data on 21st Century American Culture by conducting anthropological field studies/experiments on willingly gathered test subjects. Turning a slightly wacky Victorian lens on the unexamined aspects of our everyday lives, “The Fantastical” generates discoveries, conversations, super goofiness and an instant community in a room initially filled with strangers.
Artist/Company Biography: Karen Getz and Kelly Jennings met in 1994 while company members of Comedysportz Philadelphia. From 1997-2005 they ran Tapestry Theater, through which they produced and curated “The Annual Female Funnyfest”, a week-long festival of funny, new works by women. From 1998 till 2009 they were members of the ensemble-based, character-driven long-form improv ensemble, Lunchlady Doris. This critically acclaimed group created beautifully textured and cohesive improvised evenings of theater from seemingly disparate scenes based on a line of poetry. Their work with “Doris” fired their desire to further meld the discipline of long-form improv with live theater and create a fourth-wall-free experience that is for actor and audience alike, immediate and slightly dangerous. The first of these ventures was Killer Pussy, an audience-interactive super-hero, action-adventure where Getz and Jennings played scores of characters (often in the same scene) and played in and with the audience, endowing them as pivotal characters in the show. After a few years the desire to fold the audience even more completely into the mix became the genesis for Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical an ever evolving, series of theater/social science experiments, inspired and fueled by the synergistically connected minds and psyche of the audience and actors.
Primary Contact Name: Kelly Jennings
From: Philadelphia, PA

Show Title: Dances For a Recession
Group Name: Pas De Monkéy Dance
New Participant
Genre: Dance
Brief Description: What should dances be in a recession? Intimate, cozy, and conversational with a profound payoff to remind you that dance matters. No fluff, no frills, no additives: just dance that is stripped down and vital. What’s left?—the magic and vigor of human bodies and human stories. These dances will warmly invite you in, leave you gasping with laughter and sorrow, and will sneak in a little philosophical epiphany along the way. This show fully embraces its own contradictions: it is risky, yet warm and inviting; lighthearted, yet sorrowful; hilarious, yet intellectually challenging. Scrappy dance for a gutsy hereafter.
Artist/Company Biography: Early in life, Robin Prichard sold her soul to the devil in exchange for amazing dancing ability. She is still waiting for the amazing dancing ability. In the meantime, she has earned a BFA degree in dance from SUNY Purchase, and MFA in Choreography from UCLA, and performed her work throughout the U.S. and Australia. Her choreography has been seen at venues such as Joyce/Soho, Dance Space, HERE Arts Center, American Dance Guild, Highways, California Choreographer’s Festival, and Dance Kaleidoscope, as well as venues large and small in the U.S. and Australia. She served as choreographer and performer (via motion capture) for the interactive CD “American Idol.” She has received a Fulbright Fellowship in Choreography, the Harkness Award, the Glorya Kaufmann Award for Artistic Excellence, an Australian Federation of University of Women Fellowship, and a Kahn Fellowship. She has received choreographic commissions from Parramatta Riverside Theaters (Australia), The Dance Generators Dance Company, Fredonia State University, and Morehead State University. This year, Robin is a recipient of the Puffin Foundation Grant for Individual Artists. Currently, she spends her days turning classically trained students into inscrutable, unruly dancing bodies, and her nights trying to reclaim her soul.
Primary Contact Name: Robin Prichard
From: Akron, OH

Show Title: Delicious
Group Name: Psophonia Dance Company
Returning Participant
Genre: Dance
Brief Description: Splashy and charming seasoned Fringers, Psophonia Dance Company return bearing treats for the eyes and the ears in their latest production, Delicious. In true Psophonia style, directors Noreiga and Torres unwrap a series of mini dances inspired by an eclectic collection of pictures, sound bites, text, props and musical interludes. What is delicious? In Psophonapolis it is a smorgasbord of colorful dancing characters serving your senses with strong neon visuals, luscious poetry, witty wordplay, and amusing songs, like Peter Percival’s Pet Pig Named Porky. Come take a taste of Delicious, a delectable delight ready to bite!
Artist/Company Biography: Founded in 1998, innovative, imaginative, theatrical and daring, Psophonia Dance Company (PDC) explores ideas and images through a kinetic language that will enchant audiences of all ages. This Houston based company is recognized for its ability to engage diverse audiences on a truly unique level by utilizing everyday objects, sounds, and technology to re-examine and transform the familiar into new territory of discovery and infinite possibility. Psophonia shifts the audiences from the known to the unknown producing over fifteen full concerts featuring 40 original works for both intimate spaces and grand theater. Nurturing collaborations with other arts organizations and independent artists, PDC has partnered with Young Audiences of Houston, Houston Arts Partners and Doctor’s Orchestra of Houston. Psophonia has performed at the Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX; Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, TX; Cincy Fringe Festival in Cincinnati, OH; Chicago Dance Festival , Chicago, IL; Big Range Dance Festival, Houston, TX; Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival, University of Texas A & M.
Primary Contact Name: Sophia L. Torres
From: Houston, TX

Show Title: Don’t Cross The Streams: The Cease and Desist Musical
Group Name: The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center
New Participant
Genre: Musical, Comedy
Brief Description: A popular early 80’s film about ghosts and the people who bust them is receiving a stage musical adaptation by a local theatre. When their world is shattered by a “cease and desist” letter from the lawyers of Columbia Pictures, the cast and crew give the show a new title, make delirious changes to an increasingly unrecognizable script and recruit a handsomely clueless soap opera actor to play the role of Peter Venkman. Silly string ion streams and a softshoe dance battle rule the day in a madcap theatrical farce à la Noises Off and Waiting for Guffman.
Artist/Company Biography: THE CARNEGIE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is a multidisciplinary arts venue serving the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati community. Over the course of the past ten years The Carnegie has “morphed” from a grassroots gallery with an education component into an all-inclusive arts organization offering professional theatre, art exhibitions showcasing the best of local and regional artists, and a comprehensive arts education program. The Carnegie is home to The Carnegie Galleries, comprised of more than 6,000 square feet of gallery space where emerging and established artists exhibit in multiple shows throughout the year; the Eva G. Farris Education Center, which provides arts education to thousands of children, many of whom are at or below the poverty level; and the newly renovated 465-seat Otto M. Budig Theatre, which offers an affordable theatre space for local, up-and-coming and established production companies and is home to The Carnegie’s Theatre and Concert Series. The Carnegie is the largest arts venue in Northern Kentucky.
Primary Contact Name: Joshua Steele
From: Covington, KY

Show Title: Female Desires
Group Name: Eliza Martin
New Participant
Genre: Theatre, Drama
Brief Description: What’s behind the female facade? This dramatic collection of monologues attempts to uncover the truth of the complex female mind. Witness women grapple with modern day issues of love, lust, sexuality, religion and immigration as they give voice to their deepest insecurities and boldest desires. Every story is as intricate and unique as the woman behind it.
Artist/Company Biography: Eliza Martin hails from Louisville, KY, was raised in Greensboro, NC, but her heart lies in Cincinnati. She attended Xavier University and graduated in 2010 with a BS in Montessori Elementary Education and a minor in theatre. During her time at Xavier, she participated in twenty one productions with the Xavier Players as an actor, director, writer, stage manager, and stage hand. In addition to her time at Xavier, Eliza was also the resident stage manager at Cincinnati Actor’s Studio & Academy. She first began writing Female Desires as a senior in college. Last summer, she worked on the show I am an Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler and was inspired to continue writing. Eventually she created characters which portray the inner-most thoughts and feelings of young women. Her purpose is to elicit compassion in others by giving voice to the very creatures that people most misrepresent and misunderstand.
Primary Contact Name: Eliza Martin
From: Louisville, KY

Show Title: Grim and Fischer: a deathly comedy in full-face mask
New Participant
Genre: Mask, Comedy
Brief Description: Death meets his match in Mrs. Fischer, a tenacious granny not ready to breathe her last. In this acclaimed work of imagination and whimsy, an aging grandmother confronts the question that we all must face: what is it to know your end is nigh? Can you ignore it? Can you escape it? Can you hit Death in the face with a frying pan? The recipient of four Best of Fest awards and named a “Fringe treasure”, “utter magic” and an “absolute must-see.” Watch as one woman’s fight for survival takes fantastical flight in a showdown with Death himself!
Artist/Company Biography: In the crisp and blustery fall of 2009, a man with a beard and woman with a fondness for paper maché came together to create a show about death. Armed with large masks, shiny new MFAs in physical theatre, and spry imaginations, they created Grim and Fischer: a deathly comedy in full-face mask…and WONDERHEADS was born; a company dedicated to creating worlds on stage that bring out a spirit of wonder and awe in even the most serious and respectable of adults. Since that fateful autumn they have been busy touring Grim and Fischer around the US and Canada, including a wonderfully successful run along last summer’s Canadian Fringe Festival circuit. Most recently WONDERHEADS have been back at home in Portland OR, creating their second show, LOON, the story of a man and his love for the moon, which will tour to five Canadian Fringe Festivals this summer.
Primary Contact Name: Kate B. Phoenix
From: Portland, OR

Show Title: Kiss Kiss Missiles: A Retrospectacle
Group Name: The Space/Movement Project
Returning Participant
Genre: Dance
Brief Description: Kiss Kiss Missiles: A Retrospectacle brings together three classic company works in a festival-style dance concert dedicated to exploring social and contemporary dance communication. Partnerships will be fleeting. Direction changes will surge. Line dances will twinkle and dissolve. Missiles will kiss. So bow to your partner and join the fun.
Artist/Company Biography: The Space/Movement Project is a Chicago-based, non-profit contemporary dance organization. Founded in 2005 as a collective of dance artists devoted to pursuing individual artistic objectives while sharing financial and creative resources, TS/MP has developed a unique, completely collaborative artistic model that engages all member artists in a shared creative process. TS/MP has performed at such notable venues as The Joyce SoHo (NYC) and The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago and toured in Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. The group is thrilled to be making a third consecutive appearance at the Cincinnati Fringe this year.
Primary Contact Name: Allyson Esposito
From: Chicago, IL

Show Title: Latitude
Group Name: MamLuft&Co. Dance
Returning Participant
Genre: Dance
Brief Description: MamLuft&Co. Dance celebrates its fifth anniversary in Cincinnati in 2011-2012, and uses its five years here as inspiration to explore themes of change and place and how the two are entangled. Latitude consists of two parts by Jeanne Mam-Luft and Susan Honer (ML&Co. Assistant Choreographer), choreographed in collaboration with the performers. The project will use a combination of site-specific dance-on-camera and live action dance on-stage. The first section, “Here” celebrates Cincinnati locales. The second section, “Milkweed” takes its inspiration from the amazing migrational patterns of Monarch butterflies.
Artist/Company Biography: MamLuft&Co. Dance’s mission is to create, advocate for, and educate through modern dance that is both progressive and palpable. Effectively, this means making modern dance both accessible and affordable, even while working to challenge pre-conceived notions of dance. Now celebrating its fifth anniversary in Cincinnati, Ohio, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization works with ten resident company members and an ever-growing number of guest artists, who—this season alone—include Amii LeGendre (New York), Sarah Gamblin (Texas), Kristin O’Neal (Florida), Sharon Allen (Florida), and Betsy Miller (Rhode Island). MamLuft&Co. Dance has collaborated or performed with a great number of other organizations, guest artists, or other collaboratives in Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas. Over the company’s short history, the company has included talented graduates from dance programs in many different states (including Texas, Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Ohio). In addition to performing, the company accomplishes its mission to educate through year-long classes for adults, its Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive, and providing free-to-low-cost dance education to children through various programs.
Primary Contact Name: Jeanne Mam-Luft
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Love Knots
Group Name: Essex Theatre Arts Studio
New Participant
Genre: Theatre, Comedy
Brief Description: What love makes us do! It’s not for the squeamish. We all know how love ties us up. To tie or untie…That is the question! How many love knots can you name? Romantic. Platonic. Self love. Unrequited. Brotherly. Love Knots is five short comedy/dramas–OMG, it’s…a short play fest…a mini-play festival within a festival! Love Knots stand alone–and together– Whistle Stop Romance. Happy Family at Lui’s Golden Dragon. The Next Table. Holey Swiss Duet. Sunny Side Up. Short plays about the ties that bind. Each short is ten to fifteen minutes long.
Artist/Company Biography: Bob Allen and Elizabeth A. Harris created Essex Theatre Arts Studio in 2010. Since then, ETAS has provided community performances of new and seldom seen works, workshops and opportunities for playwrights, acting classes and training, rehearsal space, and educational outreach. ETAS chooses its actors from among the best available working actors in Greater Cincinnati. Their experience is wide and varied and acting credits include the professional, semi-professional, and community theatres of the tri-state and beyond. Playwright, Phil Paradis is a member of the Dramatists Guild. His short Sunny Side Up was produced at the 9th Annual North Park Playwrights Festival in San Diego, California. Phil’s Soldiers’ Christmas (based on the Christmas Truce of 1914) was a semi-finalist in the Kentucky Theatre Association’s 2011 New Play Competition. His Footprints of the Polar Bear directed by Arnie Shayne won the Cincinnati Directors Competition II in 2008. Phil’s A Bag of Groceries premiered in the 2005 Cincy Fringe Festival.
Primary Contact Name: Bob Allen
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Methtacular!
New Participant
Genre: Solo, Musical
Brief Description: Methtacular! is the story of Steven Strafford’s life in Chicago as a Crystal Meth addict. Steven tells this story with humor, grace, panache and, perhaps most importantly, with honesty and without fear. You will laugh, cry and laugh again as he takes you on a roller coaster ride of humanity.
Artist/Company Biography: Steven Strafford (writer/performer) is a Brooklyn-born, Jersey-raised actor and writer. He has been seen in Spamalot (Original Vegas Cast) as Prince Herbert and 4 other characters (He’s the guy who said, “I’m not dead yet,” amongst other things.) Steven has worked regionally at Portland Stage Company, Sacramento Music Circus and Bakerloo Theatre Project and has performed in Europe in Grease! and in Asia in Cinderella (w/ Lea Salonga). Steven has also been featured on UCB TV and audiences can catch his storytelling at The Moth in and around NYC (www.themoth.org). Adam Fitzgerald (director) is a freelance Director and General Manager, as well as the Artistic Director of kef theatrical productions. Recent directing credits include Friends and Relations by Marc Castle and Michael Walker’s Letter from Algeria. With kef, Adam directed many productions, readings and workshops including Killing Women, Lyric is Waiting, Island Song, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl and The Female Terrorist Project. Adam has served as a Directing Fellow at Playwrights Horizons (assisting on Three Changes by Nicky Silver, Prayer for my Enemy by Craig Lucas and Inked Baby by Christina Anderson), as the Artistic Associate at Playhouse West (where his production of Defiance garnered Critics Circle nominations for Director and Production) and as the Associate General Manager at Theatre Row. http://www.kefproductions.com Justin Brill (producer) is currently performing as Boq in the national tour of Wicked. Justin’s Broadway credits include: All Shook Up, Rent and High Fidelity. Justin has also appeared in the original Las Vegas cast of Spamalot (as Patsy), A Christmas Carol (as the Ghost of Xmas Past) at Madison Square Garden and in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (as Puck) at The Met. As a producer, Justin helmed and performed in Infinite Joy: The Songs of William Finn benefit concert for the Las Vegas Rape Crisis Center. www.justinbrill.com
Primary Contact Name: Adam Fitzgerald
From: New York, NY

Show Title: Nothing
Group Name: Unity Productions
New Participant
Genre: Solo, Drama
Brief Description: Inspired by a true story, Nothing is a multi-media play about Ben, a young man with autism who is struggling through the social grind that is high school. He retreats to a world of technology (MP3, video cameras, online gaming) in order to escape the tragic reality of constant bullying. When Ben meets Barbie in a divine online connection, he builds up the courage to venture out of his comfort zone and visit her in the flesh. This overwhelming escapade leads Ben into a dangerous situation, putting his own life at risk.
Artist/Company Biography: Unity Productions is a brand new production company seeking to combine different art forms in order to enlighten, entertain, and enhance the community. Our goal is to unite art, in order to unite the people. The company quickly formed in April of 2011 at the hint of the opportunity to produce Nothing, an award-winning play in Europe written by award-winning author and film maker, Nic Balthazar. After a year of teaming up with the author, rounding up artistic talent, fundraising, table work, and artistic execution, Nothing by Nic Balthazar is proudly announced as Unity Production’s debut performance.
Primary Contact Name: Jon Kovach
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Show Title: On Her Pillow
Group Name: Honour Pillow
New Participant
Genre: Solo
Brief Description: In 1977 it was cool to be a multi-racial family if you lived in San Francisco, or New York…but we lived in Addyston, Oh. Not cool…and NOT O.K. Then my parents gave me the name Honour Pillow because I wasn’t going to stand out enough as the only curly headed, biracial giant at my school. Now I was a curly headed, biracial giant named Honour Pillow. Geesh. No ordinary life could follow this beginning. I would become a model in New York, a comedienne in Chicago, and a cancer patient in Las Vegas. Being biracial was the least of my worries. Artist/Company Biography: Honour Pillow, model turned comedienne, is a Cincinnati native who has spent the past 10 years performing stand-up comedy in Chicago, IL, and Las Vegas, NV. After completing her one woman play, On Her Pillow, and battling cancer in 2010, she decided to return to Cincinnati to be closer to family where she currently lives with her husband. This is her first theatrical stage performance.
Primary Contact Name: Honour Pillow
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Project Activate
Group Name: Pones Inc.
Returning Participant
Genre: Variety/Multi-media
Brief Description: Project Activate erases the line between the arts and activism by pairing five local service organizations with twelve professional artists from a variety of disciplines, in order to create a collaborative and participatory performance that asks: How do YOU activate Cincinnati? As Pones Inc.’s fifth consecutive Cincy Fringe Festival appearance, Project Activate urges artists, audiences, and communities alike to empower your community, deepen your art, make an impact, and activate yourself! Project Support provided by grants from ArtsWave and Fuel Cincinnati.
Artist/Company Biography: Pones Inc. is a collective of ARTISTS AS ACTIVISTS who encourage PARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE with a focus on CREATING COMMUNITY. Founded in 2008 by Kim Popa and Lindsey Jones, Pones Inc. has collaborated with over 100 artists and 50 art and service organizations. The company creates site-specific performances through a fusion of movement and dance with other art forms. Pones Inc.’s interactive and accessible performances have been seen in over 30 Greater Cincinnati locations, as well as, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Ongoing programs that encourage empowerment, creativity, and connections are available year round for artists and art groups, schools, and businesses.
Primary Contact Name: Lindsey Jones
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Quake: A Love Story
Group Name: New Edgecliff Theatre
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre, Comedy
Brief Description: Joe and Hannah just broke up. Now they have to divide up years’ worth of collective belongings. But when a huge earthquake hits, they find themselves trapped in a storage closet. Can being confined to such a small space help mend the rift between them? With only each other to rely on, they learn about love and reconciliation, and belt out a cappella songs. Touching, physical and funny!
Artist/Company Biography: Established in 1998 by Executive Director Michael Shooner, New Edgecliff Theatre was built on the idea of locally produced professional theatre. Our mission is to create a powerful artistic experience utilizing local professionals and stressing the fundamental communion between actor and audience.
Primary Contact Name: Jim Stump
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Radio Star
Group Name: Tanya O’Debra
New Participant
Genre: Variety/Multi-media
Brief Description: Radio Star is by Tanya O’Debra with original music by Andrew Mauriello. It is directed by Peter James Cook. Radio Star is a 1940’s radio detective spoof. NYC comedienne Tanya O’Debra lends her voice to 10 characters while simultaneously staging live sound effects. Radio Star won Best of the San Francisco Fringe Festival. It was nominated for Best English Language Production and Just for Laughs Best Comedy at the Montreal Fringe, as well as three NY Innovative Theatre Awards: Outstanding Full Length Script, Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role and Outstanding Original Music. “Hilarious.” – Three Weeks, Edinburgh. “Hilarious.” – Flavorpill, NYC. “Mezmerizing.” ***** – Charlebois Post, Montreal
Artist/Company Biography: Tanya O’Debra is an art doer. Formerly of the ECNY Award nominated comic sister duo, The O’Debra Twins, she co-hosted the hit open mic SHOW & TELL at The Bowery Poetry Club. Their popular annual O’Debbie Awards Show garnered a Best of New York Award from The Village Voice. Tanya was a member of Mo’s Hoes, the in-house sketch comedy team for Radical Vaudeville at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction. She won the Miss Fag Hag Pageant as judged by Jon Cameron Mitchell, Michael Musto and Leslie Jordan. Miss O’Debra was a member of the sketch comedy group, Beaches 2, who had a monthly show at Under St. Marks Theater. Tanya O’Debra writes plays. She co-wrote and co-directed Fuck You or Dead Pee-Holes; an American Tale in Thirteen Acts, which won The Excellence Award in Overall Production at Fringe NYC. Her play, Radio Star, has been presented all over the world, receiving numerous award nominations and accolades. Most recently, Miss O’Debra hosted a weekly show on http://www.younow.com called Prank-a-thon. She and her guests broadcasted live prank calls to unsuspecting individuals. She is a fiscally sponsored artist of Fractured Atlas. She is currently developing her new play, Shut Up, Emily Dickinson.
Primary Contact Name: Tanya O’Debra
From: New York, NY

Show Title: Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality
Group Name: Performance Gallery
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: Meet Rodney Rumple, everyhuman. Really, you will want to meet him. Experience his life, his unflappable spirit, his daily grind—his dreams. This physical theatre modern fable, created by the ensemble cast, explores human existence through the story of one boy—he sallies forth—life, in all its joy and horror, ensues. He sallies forth again. A story told with love, pain and laughter.
Artist/Company Biography: Often outlandish, sometimes profound, always unpredictable, Cincinnati-based Performance Gallery is a collaborative performance environment existing to produce and promote challenging works of theatre. Founded in 2002, they have produced a varying amount of works per year including original plays, revamped classics and seven widely different original offerings at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. They busted out of Cincinnati to perform their award-winning 2008 fringe piece, fricative at the 2011 Indianapolis Fringe and the 2012 Atlanta Fringe.
Primary Contact Name: Regina Pugh
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: Storms Beneath Her Skin
Group Name: Rebecca Kling
New Participant
Genre: Solo, LGBT Themes
Brief Description: PSST! Hey! The person standing next to you, are they a boy or a girl? What about you? Are you a boy or a girl? You can only pick one, obviously, and you had better get it right. I’m transgender, which complicates things. This show is about that—my identity and experience as a transgender woman—but it’s about other things, too: apologies, surgery, the equations of sex, the weather (metaphorically speaking), boobs, and more. (PS—Not to brag or anything, but I’ve been described as “charming” and “smart” by the Chicago Tribune. No big deal.)
Artist/Company Biography: Rebecca Kling is a Chicago-based transgender artist interested in exploring the performance of identity. Her multi-media productions—composed of storytelling, video, movement, playful skips and jumps, enlightening self-discovery, accusatory glances, awkward pauses, and more—question gender, self-expression, and what it means to be at home in one’s own body. Rebecca has performed her material around the Midwest: In Chicago (The Athenaeum Theatre, Temple Gallery, Links Hall, About Face Theatre, Center on Halsted, the DCA Storefront Theatre, and more), the 2010 and 2011 Chicago Fringe Festivals, the 2011 Kansas City and Indianapolis Fringe Festivals, and elsewhere. Rebecca has received praise from The Chicago Tribune, TimeOut Chicago, Newcity Stage, and Centerstage Chicago, and more. Rebecca regularly speaks at high schools and universities, including Northwestern University, Columbia College, Roosevelt University, Loyola University, Harold Washington College, Butler University, and elsewhere. She has been a recipient of the Chances Dances Critical Fierceness grant, an Illinois Arts Council Grant, and Chicago Community Artists Assistance Program funding. Rebecca’s writing has been published at Jezebel, in Chicago IRL issues 1 and 2, Bodies of Work, In Our Words, the Center for Classic Theatre Review, and elsewhere. For a behind-the-scenes look at her writing process, check out her blog at http://fridaythang.com. A graduate from Northwestern University’s Department of Performance Studies with an Adjunct Major in Animate Arts, Rebecca Kling is also an instructor at the Piven Theatre Workshop, on the Pride Films and Plays board of director, and a syndicated blogger with BlogHer. Primary Contact Name: Rebecca Kling
From: Chicago, IL

Show Title: Strange Dreamz
Group Name: Kevin J Thornton
Returning Participant
Genre: Solo, Music
Brief Description: You may remember Kevin J. Thornton from previous fringe hits like Sex, Dreams & Self Control in 2009 and I Love You We’re Fucked in 2011. Now he’s back with his award winning stand-up comedy and music exploring themes of love, sex and the meaning of life! Thornton is a comedian and musician who has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and is a New Faces Winner at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He was also a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley recently. Pretty classy credits for a guy who’s made a career of juvenile dick jokes.
Artist/Company Biography: Kevin J. Thornton is a comedian and musician who has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and is a New Faces Winner at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He was also a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley recently. Pretty classy credits for a guy who’s made a career of juvenile dick jokes. Thornton is a road warrior and national Fringe Festival veteran who appeared in 10 festivals nationwide in 2011. This summer Thornton will become an international star as he travels to Canada in August for his debut at Edmonton, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba Fringe Festivals. The self-proclaimed “gay male Oprah with a potty mouth” produces a weekly Podcast on Sunday evenings which is also called “Strange Dreamz.” Each Sunday, Thornton and the occasional guest discuss touring adventures, current events, music and issues affecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community along with the meaning of life. Thornton’s podcast is the highest rated program on the LGBT related online radio station “Click Click Expose” based in Miami, Florida and an incubator for his live show. Thornton toiled at Nashville area coffee shops for many years chasing the elusive record deal with his band Thornton which later became Waves on Waves. His first musical effort entitled Had a Sword won the Nashville Scene Music Award for Best Experimental Rock. Thornton’s social networking, podcast and one-person shows, including his 2009 hit debut Sex, Dreams & Self Control and 2011’s I Love You (We’re F*#ked) have garnered him a loyal following in Nashville and across the country. Thornton’s 2012 show features brand new stories and humor but, unlike the songwriter’s previous performances, his new repertoire includes covers of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark,” Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and a hilarious rendition of TLC’s “No Scrubs.” The new live show also features short stories from Thornton’s 2012 paperback book “The Universe Sock Puppet” available on Amazon.com and retailers worldwide. Awards received on Thornton’s 2011 15-city tour include the Audience Choice Award for Favorite Show and the Fringe Crush Award in Orlando as well as the League of Cincinnati Theatre Award for Best Writing and Performance. Matthew J. Palm, theater critic for the Orlando Sentinel, called Thornton “an enthusiastic musician, a quick-witted comic and a really funny storyteller” and Cincinnati’s CityBeat said “he kept the audience in the palm of his hand during the sold out performance… he’s a fast-talking, high-energy powerhouse of a performer.”
Primary Contact Name: Kevin J. Thornton
From: Nashville, TN

Show Title: Tainted Love: A Zombie-Human Love Story
Group Name: Living Dead Productions
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: Los Angeles. Late 2012. An outbreak of V-86, a virus which turns people into flesh-eating Zombies has struck. While attempting to leave the city, a Zombie bites Steve’s girlfriend Cassie and she herself becomes a Zombie. Steve learns that a friend has a cure that could turn his girlfriend back into human form. Risking his own life, Steve enters the Zombie Quarantine Zone to find Cassie, give her the cure, and save the woman he loves. Filled with action, humor, and horror, Tainted Love is about Zombies and the humans who love them. Artist/Company Biography: Walking Dead Production is a group of theater artists who are bound by a common interest in exploring what stories can be told about Zombies and humans. We want to bring to the stage cutting edge stories which push the boundaries about what we think we know about Zombies. We advocate and believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of the Zombie way.
Primary Contact Name: Alan Jozwiak
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: The Doppelganger Cometh and Overtaketh
Group Name: Homegrown Theater
New Participant
Genre: Theatre Brief Description: Absurd, modern and fantastical, this play realizes the desire in all of us to forgo and escape our own responsibilities in favor of something a little further down the rabbit hole. Leah summons a doppelganger in order to shirk her responsibilities, only to find herself locked in a cell and being prepared for sacrifice, leaving her friends back home in terrible danger. A demon is involved as well as some cannibalism (depending on what your rules are). With a semi-interactive set, a visible Twitter feed and local music, this play is exciting, strange and engrossing.
Artist/Company Biography: Homegrown Theater is a new and local company of various artists intent on involving more art forms into the theater. We understand the collaborative nature of theater and we bring it to the stage through our intense set design and visual nods to social media, as well as our use of local (and sometimes live) music. Our company includes actors, writers, directors, sculptors, producers and musicians all from here in Cincinnati. We want to have fun and make our audiences have a great time while in the theater. We examine the absurdity of everyday life and put it on the stage.
Primary Contact Name: Leah Strasser
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: The Mistakes Madeline Made
Group Name: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati 2011-2012 Intern Company
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: What happens if you just stop showering? The Mistakes Madeline Made is a twisted and hilarious coming-of-age story about a girl who develops Ablutophobia, the fear of bathing. Struggling with a soul-crushing job as a personal assistant, she wages a furious, funny war against all things complacent, pampered and clean. As her smell starts to overwhelm her co-workers and many casual lovers—a series of bad poets—the play raises the questions: Is dirty living a political act? And is clean living even possible in these times of unrest? An unlikely story of love and dirty people.
Artist/Company Biography: Rachel Berger as Edna, Sara Kenny as Beth, Christopher Ziegler as Wilson, Michael Carr as Buddy, Andrew Maloney as Drake, Jake + Blake
Primary Contact Name: Shannon Rae Lutz
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title: The Screw You Revue
Group Name: Screw You Entertainment
New Participant
Genre: Variety/Multi-media
Brief Description: Wayburn Sassy is an 89 year old self-proclaimed “Entertainment Legend” and America’s Favorite Bigot. Wayburn fears Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Japanese, Arabs, Islanders, the Taiwanese, bongo players, men in kilts, and above ALL he fears ” Whimsicals”. (Wayburn’s word for Gay Men.) Wayburn has the excellent fortune of sharing the stage with his ‘Amorous Amazon’, his ‘Leggy Lolita’, his ‘Girl-with-the-Gorgeous-Gams’, Miss Didi Panache. Didi loves everyone, but she loves Wayburn best. Together, this irreverent twosome transports the audience to a place where no subject is taboo and everyone takes part in the joke.
Artist/Company Biography: Screw You Entertainment is the blood, sweat, and tears of partners, (on stage as well as in life), Dewey Chaffee and Douglas McGeoch. Founded in 2007 after the highly successful debut of the company’s flagship show, The Screw You Revue, the company quickly gained a reputation for stellar productions with astounding attention to detail and quality. Keen on irreverent humor, Screw You Entertainment explores the boundaries of human bigotry, racism, and intolerance with over-the-top characters and wild guest interactions. In 2010, Dewey and Douglas were both awarded Individual Artist Development Grants from United Arts of Central Florida.
Primary Contact Name: Douglas McGeoch
From: Naples, FL

Show Title: The Sweet, Burning Yonder
Group Name: Burying Beetles
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre
Brief Description: Heartland America, post-Katrina: a pair of technicians working for the EPA in New Orleans after the flood discover a survivor who can not only name the chemicals in the water but tell where they come from. With the help of military dolphins, soccer moms and animatronic Indians, and fueled by Farmer Dave’s chili-mac, she leads them up the rivers to find that Katrina has displaced time itself – past and present collide as they retrace Lewis and Clark’s journey only to find the source of the terrible burning in the waters — Farmer Dave himself.
Artist/Company Biography: John Ray is a writer and performer based in Cincinnati. His play Fullest Vigour was recently featured at the Douglas Anderson Writers Festival in Jacksonville, FL, and a one-act play, A Tiger on the Slopes, was written for the Burying Beetles and performed at the BoCoCa Festival in New York in 2011. Other works include Last of the Red-Hot Lamas and Wanda Wilde: Christmas on the Edge, both produced in Cincinnati, and A Gift for Simple Melody, performed in Carbondale, IL. He was a co-founder of TS&M Productions and holds an MFA in playwriting from Ohio U. Michael Burnham thinks he’s been a part of almost every CincyFringe, including a couple that happened decades ago and a recent one that happened while he was in Poland – he swears he appeared in that one disguised as a t-shirt. He could be wrong. A recipient of a League of Cincinnati Theatres Lifetime Achievement Award, Michael is often dramaturg of first resort for folk making new work. When he retires from CCM in a year or two, he intends to start an after-school cultural literacy program in which high school students use theatre to engage themselves and their community in meaningful dialogue about current local issues. Lately he’s most proud of having been one of Occupy Cincinnati’s “Four Designated Chickens,” the group that sued the City of Cincinnati for the right to 24-hour-a-day free speech in a public park and won, sort of. The Burying Beetles, a loose-knit but militant coalition of malcontents dedicated to creating a theatrical response to neoliberalism, also includes Andrea Kornbluh and Barbara Wolf and such like-minded co-conspirators as can stomach a great deal of guff.
Primary Contact Name: John Ray
From: Cincinnati, OH

Show Title:
Third Quarter Moon: A Complex Derivative Love Story

Group Name: Ornamental Messiah
Returning Participant
Genre: Theatre, Comedy
Brief Description: When a shockingly self obsessed girl moves to a small town, a wealthy vampire and an often shirtless Mummy vie for her attention. Unsure of what draws them to her, they soon learn that she is a “Job Creator”—a rare breed of human that, through sheer random circumstance, has stumbled into having enough wealth to set her aside from the common rabble of ninety-nine percent of humanity. But as the shallow love triangle churns to an angst ridden eventuality, a powerful secret cabal of hedge-fund managers seeks to wreak havoc on her funds.
Artist/Company Biography: Dedicated to fighting for logic, reason, and progress in the realm of reality with unreality. Primary Contact Name: Brad Cupples From: Newport, KY Show Title: Trapped in a Box New Participant Genre: Solo, Comedy Brief Description: When Audrey grew up dreaming of a job in her favorite comedy theater, this is not what she had in mind. Phone call after phone call, she is reminded that her potential is not being met, her goals are not being accomplished, and her fellow human beings are truly not very kind or intelligent. If only they would leave her alone long enough to prepare for auditions, write her Oscar acceptance speech or at the very least, finish her peanut butter sandwich. Artist/Company Biography: Casey Pilkenton is a writer/performer/comedian based out of Chicago. She has been a company member with Chemically Imbalanced Comedy Theater (CIC) and an employee at the Second City since 2007. Chicago stage credits include The Book of Liz, Cartoon, Words, Words, Words, (all CIC), Hey!Dancin’! (The Factory Theater) and numerous improv troupes. Prior to settling in the Windy City, Casey worked at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Cirque du Soliel’s Ka and appeared on several stages throughout her home state of Georgia. A dabbling playwright for several years now, her original short play, Ladies’ Night, was staged at the Springer Opera House’s No Shame Theatre in Columbus, Georgia in 2010. Trapped in a Box is her first one-act. Kimberly Faith Hickman (Director) is a director and choreographer in NYC. She has worked on Broadway and Off-Broadway with productions at Atlantic Theatre Company, Women’s Project, Epic Theatre Ensemble, The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row, PTP/NYC at Atlantic Stage 2, as well as terraNOVA Collective, The Attic Theatre Company, and Horse Trade Theater Group. Regional credits: Mark Taper Forum, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Westport Country Playhouse, Next Act Theatre, Springer Opera House, Off Square Theatre, Playhouse on the Square and national tours. Assistant Directing: Clybourne Park on Broadway with Pam MacKinnon, Gabriel with David Esbjornson, Smudge with Pam MacKinnon, Quartermaine’s Terms with Maria Aitken, and Children with John Tillinger. She also worked on the Broadway production of The Scottsboro Boys, directed / choreographed by Susan Stroman. BFA in Theatre Performance and Directing from Columbus State University, Directors Lab West 2011 Alumni, Mike Ockrent Directing Fellowship on Broadway finalist, Manhattan Theatre Club Directing Fellowship candidate, proud member of SDC. Visit http://www.kimberlyfaithhickman.com
Primary Contact Name: Casey Pilkenton
From: Chicago, IL

Show Title: Where Is My Mind?
Group Name: Schedule C Productions
New Participant
Genre: Solo
Brief Description: Mesmerizing mind reading, crazy karaoke, vindictive ventriloquist figures, and even a soulful song are par for the course as Jackie Straight attempts to escape the one-man show in his mind. Has he merely gone mad, or is there something more? In the end, only his imagination…and yours…can set him free.
Artist/Company Biography: Schedule C is a diverse group of eclectic artists who have produced a delicious blend of drama, comedy, variety entertainment, and performance art on two continents. Its members find the “anything goes” attitude of everyone involved in the company very liberating, and that writing and designing shows for fearless performers allows boundaries to be broken in every way imaginable. Plus, Schedule C members love beers, disco, hypnotism, gun-play, and sweet puppet love, and figured they’d best be served to hang out with other like-minded folks in the fringe circuit.
Primary Contact Name: Kevin Holladay
From: Indianapolis, IN

Our mission is to create evocative and explosive live entertainment.
Our vision is a world awakened to its collective possibility.
We value a playful artistic community where artists can collaborate and grow.

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KTC Presents 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival Announcement Party Featuring Performance of YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE

Know Theatre is pleased to announce our 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival Announcement Party on Wednesday, April 18th. This will be an opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry and kick off the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival by perusing this year’s festival line-up. There will also be a performance of 2008 Fringe performance Torie Wiggin’s YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE. The announcement party begins at 6:30 pm and the viewing of YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE will begin at 8 pm.

The 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival includes 29 Performance Fringe productions as well as 3 shows in the high school centered program called FringeNext. The 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival starts May 29 and continues until June 9. Fringe Festival passes are on sale now including the Full Frontal pass, Voyeur pass, and One Night Stand pass. For more information or to purchase passes, check out cincyfringe.com or call 513.300.KNOW (5669).

Admission to the announcement party is free and open to the public, but tickets are required for the viewing of Your Negro Tour Guide. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased visiting knowtheatre.com or by calling the box office at 513.300.KNOW (5669).

Based on the writings of award-winning columnist and commentator, Kathy Y. Wilson, YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE is a provocative, solo performance piece on identity in modern America. Through scathing and thoughtful rants, letters, music and nightmares, actress Torie Wiggins steers us through the modern American landscape of race, gender, and class.

Torie Wiggins has been performing since the age of two. She graduated from University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music with a BFA in Dramatic Performance. Her directing/dramaturgy credits include RELATIONSHIPS IN BLACK, and four one-woman shows that she also wrote and produced across the country including TORIE ON ICE and YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE, both directed by Jeff Griffin. Currently residing in New York, she has appeared on ALL MY CHILDREN, the feature film LOVE ME THROUGH IT and her voice can be heard on national television and radio commercials. She has appeared in several shows in Know Theatre’s 2011-2012 season including ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S BIG GAY DANCE PARTY, COLLAPSE, AFGHAN WOMEN’S WRITING PROJECT, and is currently appearing in BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON.

Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30 pm
YOUR NEGRO TOUR GUIDE begins at 8 pm

Our mission is to create evocative and explosive live entertainment.
Our vision is a world awakened to its collective possibility.
We value a playful artistic community where artists can collaborate and grow.

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