Cast Announced for MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS at Dayton Playhouse

DPH_logoWe are thrilled to announce the cast of MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS

Directed by Brian Sharp, this is our season closer opening May 5th!

  • Adonis Lemke as Mr Alonso Smith
  • Shanon Carlson as Mrs. Anna Smith
  • Eli Chamberlin as Lon Smith
  • Emily Hughes as Rose Smith
  • Alicia Wagner as Esther Smith
  • Remy Conwell as Agnes Smith
  • Lila Rogers as Tootie Smith
  • Dean Shipley as Grandpa Prophater
  • Betsy Thompson as Katie
  • Kevin Willardson as John Truitt
  • Bryan Schuck as Warren Sheffield
  • Ella Stevens as Lucille Ballard
  • Maya Wahrhaftig as Eve
  • Mark Sharp as Postman
  • Jeffrey Murphy as Motorman
  • TBD as Clinton Badger
  • TBD as PeeWee Drummond
  • TBD as Sidney Purvis
  • Penny Bayman in the Ensemble
  • Jessica Morningstar in the Ensemble
  • Reagan Day in the Ensemble
  • Scott Leas in the Ensemble

Congrats to all!

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