CPI_The Cost of Living logoTHE COST OF LIVING 
Cincinnati Playwrights Initiatve
Jan. 10
Aronoff Center Fifth-Third Bank Theater [Downtown]

An exotic dancer and a drug dealer try to forge a “normal” relationship as the city where they live collapses with protests and looting after a police officer shoots an unarmed man. Based on the true story of Timothy Thomas’s death in Cincinnati in 2001.

Playwright Bio:
David Hughes has had a life in the theatre for 45 years. David’s full-length play, Acapulco was one of two plays in Ohio selected by OCTA for the Regional American Association of Community Theatre Festival 2017. David’s ten-minute play, I Am Not A Shoe, was selected for a staged reading at CPI’s recent Foolsfest playwriting competition this past April. He has a B.A. in Theatre Arts, U.C.  He is chairperson of CPI’s Writer’s Workshop.

  • Tue, Jan. 10 at 7:30pm

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