OLIVER! Runs Nov. 11-13

RTC_Oliver logoOLIVER!
Royal Theatre Company
Nov. 11-13
Mason High School

Cast: Dez Hutchens as Oliver Twist, Brandon Cole as Fagin, Matthew Wood as The Artful Dodger, Dane Doebereiner as Bill Sikes, Myra Kelly as Nancy, Keira McCoy as Bet, Donovon Coppridge as Mr. Bumble, Cameron Jackson as Mrs. Corney, Kyle Hickin as Mr. Brownlow, Luke Royer as Mr. Sowerberry, Sophia Canino as Mrs. Sowerberry, Keira McCoy as Charlotte, Blane Baker-Straight as Noah Claypole, Blane Baker-Straight as Mr. Grimwig, Syeirra Todaro as Mrs. Bedwin, Sydney Fisher as Old Sally, Aiden Canino as Charley Bates, Sky Denbow as Knife Grinder, Kira Doebereiner as Rose Seller, Keely Wissel as Strawberry Seller, Brandon Cole, Dane Doebereiner, Kyle Hickin as Governors, Sophia Canino as Milkmaid, Olivia Cowell as Maid, Emily Weaver as Matron, Alexandria Taylor as Nurse, Molly Jordan as Captain, Sky Denbow as Dippler, Luke Royer as Lamp Lighter, Michael Wood as Oliver Twist Double, Karen Kilgore as Oliver Twist’s Mother & Adam Woodrey as Hussar/Doctor/Bartender
Fagin’s Thieves: Madeleine Brickner, Mauricio Garcis-Izquierdo, Molly Jordan, Quinn Rodway & Chloe Sernoffsky
Towns Children: Madeline Bruns, Maddy Elder, Kara Flores-Golden, Rhys Rodway, Quinn Suttman, Michael Wood, James Woodrey & Kate Woodrey
Townspeople: Blane Baker-Straight, Sophia Canino, Olivia Cowell, Sky Denbow, Kira Doebereiner, Sydney Fisher, Jenna Freeman, Kyle Hickin, Olivia Hoelle, Carsen Malone, Chase Plats, Luke Royer, Alexandria Taylor, Malissa Tipton, Syeirra Todaro, Emily Weaver, Keely Wissel & Stevie Yannucci
Workhouse Assistants: Olivia Cowell, Sydney Fisher, Alexandria Taylor & Emily Weaver
Workhouse Children: Levi Baum, Madeline Bruns, Maddy Elder, Kara Flores-Golden, Addison Greene, Lily Hall, Cara Beth Manning, Lilli Mardis, Winnie Richardson, Rhys Rodway, Drew Schulz, Quinn Suttman, Michael Wood, James Woodrey & Kate Woodrey

The streets of Victorian England come to life in Oliver, the timeless, award-winning musical based on Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist.  Oliver begins his struggle-filled life as a malnourished workhouse orphan who becomes the neglected apprentice of a slimy undertaker and his selfish, controlling wife.  Eventually he escapes to London and finds acceptance amongst a gang of petty thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly Fagin.

When Oliver is arrested for a theft that he did not commit, the victim, Mr. Brownlow, shows mercy – which Oliver has never seen, and takes him in. Unfortunately, Fagin fears for the safety of his criminal hideout and employs the sinister Bill Sikes and the sympathetic Nancy to kidnap Oliver and bring him back.  The smothering life of crime once again threatens Oliver’s chances of ever fully escaping the harsh streets and discovering the true love of a family.

  • Fri, Nov. 11 at 7pm
  • Sat, Nov. 12 at 2pm & 7pm
  • Sun, Nov. 13 at 2pm

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