MONSTERMANIA Runs Oct. 28-30

FT_Monstermania logoMONSTERMANIA
Falcon Theatre
Oct. 28-30

Directed by Gina Kleesattel
Music directed by Sherry McCamley

Cast: Diana Fye Rogers as Maggie, Torie Pate as Lawanda, Lesley Taylor as Glinda, Imani Derden as Red, Leanne Greenberg as Granny, Deb Schubert as June Dracula, Wayne Wright as Ward Dracula, Dylan VanCamp as Jack & Zak Kelley as Frankie

Here’s a first for Falcon Theater – a Halloween show for kids! A children’s theatre musical comedy with a cast of characters including three witches who hate to clean, two vampires who like to bake, Little Red Riding Hood all grown up, her Granny (a high-powered real estate broker),a teenage werewolf pizza delivery guy, and a Frankenstein-like monster who wants to be a famous rap star. Lively songs and action sure to please kids and adults alike! Bring the family and feel free to wear your costume!

  • Fri, Oct. 28 at 7pm
  • Sat, Oct. 29 at 4pm & 7pm
  • Sun, Oct. 30 at 2pm & 4pm

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