it’s not a trip, it’s a journey Quick Review

it’s not a trip, it’s a journey presented by Know Theatre of Cincinnati through Oct. 9. I attended the opening Saturday night performance. 

KTC_its not a trip1

Angelique Archer as Frankie, A.J. Baldwin as Rain, Ariel Mary Ann as Willie, & Jasimine Bouldin as June. Photo by Dan. R. Winters.

Director Daryl Harris smartly leads a quartet of charismatic young women on this tale of a life-changing journey to the Grand Canyon.

I enjoyed the short pre-show that introduces the four characters via a signature song and dance, choreographed by Kim Popa. Make sure you are in your seats before show time.

KTC_its not a trip2

A.J. Baldwin as Rain & Jasimine Bouldin as June. Photo by Dan. R. Winters.

I found Jasimine Bouldin’s performance as June to be completely engaging. The actress’ expressive face and emotional beats well defined her character. AJ Baldwin is strong as the emotionally troubled Rain and her relationships with the other characters are nicely established. As Frankie, Angelique Archer brings the attitude and is believable as the cracks in her armor begin to show. Ariel Mary Ann has several nice moments as Willie. I would encourage you to tie your blocking to your lines as a few times you seemed to plant your body before speaking. And always remember to breathe.

The projections work well in establishing location and the overall progress of their trip.

The structure of the show is almost a series of vignettes as the action switches between the car and their various stops along the way. This does result in a start and stop quality that affects the energy and pacing between scenes, particularly when the four chair “car” is struck and reset. Perhaps if the chairs were on a truck it would help with the flow.

Overall, a fun, sassy and emotionally-fulfilling road trip.

My rating: 4.25 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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