Auditions Announced for THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE at Xenia Area Community Theatre

xactTuesday & Wednesday, September 6 & 7 at 7pm

Xenia Area Community Theater.

Performances November 4 – 13, 2022.

Auditions are cold readings. To get a read ahead copy (highly encouraged), please contact director Mike Taint

Please bring an acting bio and head shot if you have one. It is NOT required though.

An investigator of supernatural phenomena arrives at Hill House, a silent and nearly empty mansion with a dark history. Other guests and paranormal researchers arrive and they soon witness strange and eerie events. Questioning themselves, and with fears mounting, they try to learn about the evil presence in Hill House.

Actors should be able to play this age, not “be” this age. If you are in doubt – please audition!

  • Eleanor Vance | Late 20s to early 40s, a troubled woman, the lead character of the play. She hopes her visit to Hill House will help her break away from her controlling sister and enable her to start a new life. Once Eleanor arrives though, the house seems to focus its attentions on her.
  • Mrs. Dudley | 40+ the housekeeper and cook at Hill House. She is not interested in the ongoing investigations at Hill House. Her only concern is sticking to the letter of her agreement as caretaker of Hill House.
  • Theodora | Late 20s early 30’s, young bohemian who comes to Hill House at the invitation of Dr. Montague. Light-hearted and open-minded. She is believed to have a psychic sensitivity.
  • Dr. Montague | 40+s, an anthropologist with a belief in parapsychology. He has rented Hill House for the summer to further his studies away from the judgmental eyes of his colleagues. He is protective of the people he has invited to Hill House but is determined to learn its secrets.
  • Luke Sanderson | Early 20’s to 30s, a rakish young man who is a member of the family that owns Hill House. He is quick to make a joke and maintains a positive attitude throughout the events he encounters during the investigation.
  • Mrs. Montague | 40+, she has her own ideas about the paranormal presence at Hill House and little regard for her husband’s methods or companions. She only trusts her companion Arthur Parker and is determined to get to the bottom of the goings on at Hill House using her own methods. Somewhat of a a comic relief role.
  • Arthur Parker | 40+ Mrs. Montague’s traveling companion. He is a brash, imposing man who only listens to Mrs. Montague. He is the polar opposite of Dr. Montague.

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