Video Auditions Announced for SEE ME. HEAR ME. at American Legacy Theatre

American Legacy Theatre generates inviting, reimagined theatrical experiences for all people to have a voice in enriching society.

SEE ME. HEAR ME. is an original one-act play focused around family miscommunication, youth trauma stemming from isolation and gender identity, and career pathways in behavioral health all to reduce stigma around youth mental health services. Developed with A.L.T, in consultation with Ohio’s Dept of Mental Health and Addiction Services, this piece was written by Executive Artistic Director & CEO, Matthew David Gellin.

SEE ME. HEAR ME. is to be performed in a localized tour to Southwest Ohio high schools. This will be a 6-person company – 4 actors, 1 stage manager, 1 company manager, 2 vans.

** Rehearsals and performances will be during the day time Monday through Friday. **

Video Auditions: NOW. Submit by August 23, 2022 for first consideration.
Rehearsals begin: September 6, 2022
First Performance Date: September 13, 2022
Current Ending Contract Date: September 30, 2022
Up to 10 performances a week of this 45-minute piece.

The Actor (any gender) will structure, manage and execute the steps required to implement a high quality acting process that serves the integrity of the play, bonds the other artists, aligns artistic vision, and heightens audience engagement with the piece. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is a given.

Additional expectations: Actors will actively participate with install and strike at each school location. Actors will hold themselves accountable on all matters, and will report to the stage manager and company manager, respectively, when appropriate.

The Executive Artistic Director will be available to assist with critical components along the way.

This is a four-week contract at $500/week. Potential extension of tour is in consideration.

For inquiries, referrals, and consideration contact Matthew David Gellin, Executive Artistic Director, at 716-812-8035 or


  • Logan – Non-binary teen who needs their parent’s sincere attention. Lashing out.
    Officer Jones (also doubles as) – Level-headed and controlled. Strong.
  • Jamie – Peer support specialist and parent of college student. Sassy and high on life.
  • Casey – Logan’s parent who is at wits end with Logan. Loves Logan but struggles to connect.
  • Morgan – Therapist and counselor. Pragmatic, yet passionate about what they do.

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