Auditions Announced for THE MURDER MYSTERY AT THE MURDER MYSTERY at Rivertown Players

  • RP_logoMonday, August 8th at 7pm
  • Tuesday, August 9th at 7pm

Hamline Chapel United Methodist Church
High and Vine Streets, Lawrenceburg

Please be prepared to read from the script.

Performance Dates:

  • Friday, October 21st
  • Saturday, October 22nd
  • Sunday, October 23rd

Hillforest Mansion

The players at The Murder Mystery Playhouse are rehearsing a new show, “Putting a Little English on It.” As expected at the final dress rehearsal, the lights go out and a character dies onstage — only this murder wasn’t in the script! The actors are left scratching their heads at the strange circumstances and also worried that they could be next. It all culminates in a wild surprise ending in which the actors must work together to defeat the murderer before he murders them all.


  • Scarlet Mays/Ms. Polly: diva actress who demands that things go her way; does not get along with the director
  • Holly Hanover/Mrs. Margaret Polk: level-headed and logical, but snarky actress
  • Sandy Smith/Gertrude Polk: young actress who’s excited about the world of theatre
  • Misty Gere/the Maid: drama queen who overplays her as well as everything in reality
  • Richard Green/Mr. Frederick Polk: experienced actor who tries to direct and has some pretty good ideas
  • Tom Baines/Mr. Humphrey Black: sleepy, hungry actor who plays the dead guy
  • Gary Ferguson/Inspector Bradshaw: serious method actor
  • Erica Stone: put-upon, but reliable stage manager/house manager
  • Brett Donahue: director who’s lost all control
  • Susan Wells: slightly batty accompanist; plays intense and dreadful mood music
  • Inspector Wright: Cheboygan’s finest
  • Inspector Fuller: Wright’s partner
  • Adele Sears: drama critic
  • Brian D. Taylor: the playwright

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