Casts Announced for NUNSENSE and NUNSENSE A-MEN at Mason Community Players

MCP_logoIf you haven’t heard yet, MCP is spreading the “good news” that the cast of NUNSENSE and NUNSENSE A-MEN are back in the “habit” of being on stage!

Meet the Little Sisters of Hoboken:

  • Sr. Mary Regina – Julie Poux
  • Sr. Mary Hubert – Mary Taylor
  • Sr. Mary Robert Anne – Lara Gonzalez
  • Sr. Mary Amnesia – Kelley Flaugher
  • Sr. Mary Leo – Kim Toft

But wait! What happens when the nuns can’t make the show? The stage hands fill in:

  • Sr. Mary Regina – Jay Fultz
  • Sr. Mary Hubert – Stephen Catlin
  • Sr. Mary Robert Anne – Brian Bisig
  • Sr. Mary Amnesia – Brandon Dunphy
  • Sr. Mary Leo – Matt Lovell

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