2022-2023 Season Announced by Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Announcing the Know’s 25th MainStage Season

KTC_Lets Play logoOur twenty-fifth MainStage season will whisk you from the Grand Canyon to small-town England, hunt for magic in the Seattle streets and the Texas plains, and unravel secrets hiding in your household items and in post-apocalyptic forests – all within the walls of our 99-seat black box theatre in Over-the-Rhine.Come with us on a season-long adventure about what it means to be alive, how our lives intertwine, what the risk of truly living can be, and (most importantly) What We Owe to Each Other.

Single tickets will be available from June 13.

“It’s no small thing, when your drug dealer dumps you. I would think it occasions a self-reflection.”

By Brendan Bourque-Sheil

Directed by Tamara Winters

A comedy about healers and healing and witchcraft and pharmaceuticals in a town that’s barely hanging on.

Running August 5 – 21, 2022

“I need – I don’t know if I know what I need.

By Charley Evon Simpson

Directed by Daryl Harris

Road trips, friendships, and finding the difference between surviving and thriving.

Running September 23 – October 9, 2022

We are proud to produce it’s not a trip it’s a journey as part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere, alongside productions at Round House Theatre (Bethesda, MD) and Good Company Theatre (Ogden, UT). For more information, please visit nnpn.org.
“I used to think it was a better choice to hide / You took my hand and reminded me of who I am inside.”

Book, music, and lyrics by
Justin Huertas

Directed by Lindsey Augusta Mercer

Comic book lore and an indie rock score collide in a fateful night of adventure, music, and love.

Running November 18 – December 11, 2022

“Glass meets his temple and EXPLODES!”

By Aisha Josiah

Directed by Brant Russell

Intertwined stories of gender identity and an adrenaline-fueled quest for revenge through the brutal underworld of small-town England.

Running January 27 – February 12, 2023

“Absolute Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

ALL-ONE! The Dr. Bronner’s Play
By Beth Hyland

Directed by Erika Kate MacDonald
Music direction by Paul Strickland

An irreverent pageant of life’s deepest darkness and brightest light, told through the life of the world’s most famous soap maker.

Running March 10 – 26, 2023

“Given the condition of the world, I feel it’s important people treat each other with dignity.”

By Brant Russell

Directed by Andrew J. Hungerford

A tragicomic look at what’s worth saving in the apocalypse and everything after.

Running April 21 – May 14, 2023

Also coming next season:

  • A winter round of Serials!, our competitive episodic Monday-night theatre party.
  • Another milestone birthday: the twentieth annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival!
  • More Welcome Wednesdays, to continue opportunities for low-cost and free entry to every MainStage production.

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