Announcing JIMMY NATION! The Kickstarter 

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From the twisted mind [Rory Sheridan] that brought you m-o-u-s-e, 2020 Artists’ Pick of the Cincy Fringe, comes JIMMY NATION!

JIMMY NATION! is a comic book about love, loss, and professional wrestling, chronicling the life and times of Jimmy Nation, an all American babyface with his eyes set on pro wrestling greatness. Witness Jimmy’s first big match at the local Legion Hall. It’s also BINGO night, so get ready to rumble.

Rated Mature for language, violence, unfathomable patriotism, and a lewd act with a toaster.

A pledge of just five dollars gets you a hard copy of the first issue and access to a radio play featuring some of the area’s best acting talent. That’s right, we have recruited some real ringers to provide the audio so you don’t even have to read, you can just look at the pictures.


  • Jeremy Dubin as Ward Nation
  • Maggie Lou Rader as June Nation
  • Justin McCombs as Jimmy Nation
  • Brandon Burton as The Vet
  • Eamon Hill as Brittle Bill/ Narrator
  • David Armando as Senor El Gato

With music by James Allen and Spanish Translation by Kelly Morton

JIMMY NATION! The Kickstarter runs until April 22, 2022. Check out the official Kickstarter site and back the launch today!  You could find yourself in the first issue!

Click here:

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