MISC_Moving the Mountain promoMy name is Abby and I’m a non-binary puppeteer based here in Cincinnati. I’m performing my solo show, MOVING THE MOUNTAIN, here in Cincinnati before I leave to go back on tour, and wanted to invite you all!

The performance is at Liberty Exhibition Hall on March 20th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 and available online at I hope to see you there!

Award-winning, punky, and bright, MOVING THE MOUNTAIN uses unconventional storytelling to illustrate joy’s ability to smash our demons so we can kiss them goodbye. Abby, a charismatic storyteller, physically dismantles a symbolic mountain of lies and insecurities. The kinetic narrative travels from playful to introspective, and the mode of communication defies expectation.

MOVING THE MOUNTAIN is a unique, delicate, and intimate piece of theatre; packaged like a comedy, but with the depth of a drama.

MOVING THE MOUNTAIN is the winner of the Social Good Award at Tampa Fringe, the Best Voice Award at Atlanta Fringe, and was funded by the 3 Arts Grant in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the Rising Empowerment Award.

You can learn more at my website,

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