Auditions Announced for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

LAC_logoLa Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro, Ohio, is holding an OPEN CALL audition for its upcoming production of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Saturday, March 26, 2022, at 9:00 A.M. at 765 W. Central Ave., Springboro, Ohio. Adults, teenagers and young boys will be seen at the same call.

  • BELLE – Young and determined, beautiful, curious, and responsible. Messo soprano (low A to high F)
  • MRS POTTS – Maternal caretaker, enchanted teapot. Mezzo soprano (low F# to high G)
  • BABETTE – Sexy & spicy bewitched feather duster. Soprano (C to high C)
  • MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE – Once an opera diva, now a transformed wardrobe. Mezzo soprano (C# to D)
  • BEAST – Warm and charming prince buried deep beneath rough and gruff exterior. Baritone (A to high F)
  • GASTON – Arrogant, ultra-masculine villain after Belle’s affections. Baritone (A to high E)
  • LUMIERE – Charismatic and smooth-tongued candelabra. Baritone (A to high F#)
  • COGSWORTH – High-strung enchanted mantel clock. (A to high E)
  • LEFOU – Gaston’s athletic yet clumsy flunky. Baritone (B to high F#)
  • MAURICE – Belle’s eccentric, adoring father. Baritone (B to high Db)
  • Boys (7-15 years old) for the roles of Chip and the Young Prince
  • ENSEMBLE – 16-Older, Male and Female strong singers and movers to play various ensemble roles and cover principals

Be prepared to sing 16 bars of a song from the show or musical theatre song appropriate to the show. Adults & teenagers should also be prepared to dance.

Please provide a current headshot and resume.

Director/Choreographer is Chris Beiser.

Rehearsals begin May 14, 2022 (10 AM-6 PM daily)
Performances June 2 – July 24, 2022, Thurs-Sun matinees and evenings.

Questions call Kris Byerly (937)746-4554 ext 241



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2 responses to “Auditions Announced for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

  1. Brenda Cureton-Russell

    To whom it may concern
    My inquire pertains to auditions for the West Side Story. Please provide dates and times. As well please Include a list of all specific talents and abilities (singing, dancing etc.) you prefer demonstrated during the audition.
    Thank you.
    ( Should you require a telephone number I can be reached at 513 772-7488)

    Brenda Cureton-Russell


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