Auditions Announced for 110 IN THE SHADE at Lebanon Theatre Company

LTC_logoAuditions are January 9 and 10 at LTC theatre, 10 South Mechanic St. starting at 6:30pm both nights. Those auditioning for principals are asked to sing a  musical standard. Accompanist will be on site. If using recorded track, we ask that you be responsible to to run your own equipment.

The show calls for 20 named characters as well as townspeople who sing and dance.

The show revolves around Lizzie who is the center of the Curry family, and the only female among them. During the show, Lizzie encounters a charlatan, Bill Starbuck, who comes to the Three Point and promises if the townspeople give him $100, he will make it rain to end the prolonged drought. He also works on Lizzies’s affections.

The younger people needed range in age from 7 to late teens; boys and girls. Young performer auditioners should be prepared to sing a simple song.

See below for role descriptions. Wayne Dunn directs. Jay Mills music directs.

Show dates are March 11, 12, 18 & 19 at 7:30pm and March 13 March 20 at 2pm.​


  • Lizzie Curry:  At first glance, she seems like a woman who can cope with all the aspects of life.  She has the world of materiality under control; she is a good housekeeper; pots and pans, needles, and thread—when she— and she enjoys the manifold elements touches them, they serve. She knows well where she fits in the family— she is daughter sister, mother and child, and she enjoys the manifold elements of her position. She has a sure ownership of her own morality, for the tenet of right and wrong are friendly to her. And she is comfortably forthright in living by them. A strong and integral woman in every life function, except one. Here she is thirtyish, and no man outside her family has loved her or found her beautiful. And yet, ironically, it is this one unfulfilled part of Lizzie that is the most potentially beautiful facet of a woman— this yearning for romance— this courageous searching for it in the desert of her existence. And if someday a man should find her, he will find a ready woman, willing to give herself with the totality of her rich being.
  • H. C. Curry:  Lizzie’s father. He is in his late fifties, powerfully set, capable— a good man to take store in. But he is not all prosaic efficiency—there’s a lot of dream in him.
  • Noah Curry:  Lizzie’s older brother. He is somewhat like his father, without HC’s imagination. As a matter of fact, he has little imagination at all, and would appear to be a self-righteous and rigidly opinionated were it not for the basic decency and and his warm yearning to be kind.
  • Jimmy Curry:  Lizzie’s younger brother. In his early 20s, but big and broad shouldered, he looks older that his years until he opens his mouth; then he is a child. He’s not sure that he’s very bright, and this is his cross to bear. He is filled with inchoated longing.
  • Bill Starbuck:  A big man, lithe and agile— a loud braggart, a gentle dreamer. He carries a short hickory stick. It is his weapon, his pointer, his magic wand, his pride of manhood.
  • File:  The sheriff. He is a lean man, reticent, intelligent, in his late thirties. He smiles wryly at the world and himself. Perhaps he is a little bitter; if so, his bitterness is leavened by a mischievous humor.
  • Snookie Updagraff:  She is perhaps seventeen and pretty and pretty, and pretty.
    Which is to say she is pretty.

Townspeople of Three Point:

  • Toby:   middle aged stationmaster
  • Mrs. Jessen:  full-figures woman. Good natured
  • Phil Mackey:  about 19.
  • Tommy:  a boy of eight
  • Belinda:  a bespectacled girl of 9
  • Geshy Toops:  a man in his thirties
  • Gil Demby:  a boy in his teens
  • Olive Barrow:  a pretty girl
  • Wally Skacks, II:  boy in his late teens
  • Maurine Toops:  a girl in her twenties
  • Bo Dollivon:  a boy in his twenties
  • Mr. Curtis:  a minister
  • Wally Skacks:  an old man

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