Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative
Dec. 7
Aronoff Center Fifth-Third Bank Theatre [Downtown]

  • Fan Appreciation Night: A hockey tough guy doesn’t know what he’s in for when he’s sent to the penalty box.
  • Kindergarten Form: A personal item on a school questionnaire is too much for a mother to answer.
  • All Our Tomorrows: Two older people who’ve met in an L.A. motel lobby on a stormy night have to be courageous enough to get past a skunk in the courtyard in order to start a life for themselves.
  • Take Care of Grandpa: A twelve-year-old girl is put to the test of how well she can protect her grandfather from himself.

About the Playwright: Roger Brookfield is an original member of CPI, and his first play was in 1997. His plays have been performed in New York (city & state), California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Washington, and Ohio. He has received awards for his plays in L.A., San Diego, Montrose, NY, and Springfield, OH.

11/11/21 – COVID-19 Policy

  • Tue, Dec. 12 at 7:30pm

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