Auditions Announced for LITTLE WOMEN at Fairfield Footlighters

Written by Thomas Hischak
Directed by Anna Rae Brown
Produced by Dan & Jeanne Schindler

Thu, Sept. 16 from 6:30-9pm
Mon-Tue, Sept. 27-28 from 6:30-9pm

Auditions will take place in the FCAC Theater .
Call-backs, if needed, will be Tuesday at 8:15 PM

Welcome to AUDITION!
Auditions for 9 Female | 4 Male | 2 Young Female
Auditions will consist of cold-readings from script. Please be prepared to list all rehearsal conflicts. A small head-shot and theatre resume is nice, but not required. If you cannot attend an audition date, email director Anna Schindler Brown at


  • MRS TOMLINSON – A society lady – 50s to 70s. Will also play Aunt March.
  • JOSEPHINE MARCH – Narrator. A famous author & adult “Jo” – 40s to early 50s.
  • MR. MARCH – The girls’ father – 45 to 60.
  • MRS. MARCH (MARMEE) – The girls’ mother – 40s to 50s.
  • MEG – Eldest & most practical daughter. Longs to have nice things. Around 21.
  • JO – A tomboy & strong willed. An aspiring author. Around 18.
  • BETH – Shy & frail. Plays piano. Closest relationship to Jo. Around 16.
  • AMY – Youngest daughter. Vain and immature. Longs to be an artist. Around 15 but ages to her 20’s during the show.
  • HANNAH – The housekeeper. Late 30s to 50s.
  • AUNT MARCH – Mr. March’s aunt. Wealthy matriarch of the family. Late 50s to 70s.
  • MR. LAURENCE – Wealthy grandfather to Laurie. 60s+.
  • THEODORE LAURENCE (LAURIE) – High-spirited neighbor who befriends the sisters. Falls in love with Jo and later Amy. About 18.
  • JOHN BROOKE – Tutor to Laurie. Poor, but kind-hearted. Falls in love with Meg. Mid 20s to 30s.
  • MRS MOFFET – Wealthy. Looks down on the March family. 30s to 40s. Will also play Mrs. Kirke.
  • CLARA – Mrs. Moffet’s daughter. Around 16. May also appear in background scenes.
  • MRS KIRKE – Runs the boarding house. 30s to 40s.
  • KITTY & MINNIE – Mrs. Kirke’s daughters. Around 8-11. May also appear in background scenes.
  • FRIEDRICH BHAER – German professor (must use accent). Befriends Jo and encourages her writing. Late 30s to mid 40s.

Rehearsals: Monday through Thursday, 6:30 PM to 9 PM, beginning Monday, October 4th

Productions dates: Nov. 19-21.

In 1860’s New England, we see the lives of the four March daughters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy – play out before us and follow their triumphs and tragedies as they grow up, fall in love, and face life. With their chaplain father away serving in the Civil War and their mother doing all she can to hold things together at home, the girls employ creativity and courage to help their mother while pursuing their own passions—Jo’s writing, Amy’s art, Beth’s service to the poor, and Meg’s pursuit to become a proper young lady. Next-door neighbor Theodore “Laurie” Laurence, a lonely but charming teen, can’t resist the energy and grace of these little women and helps them to endure one trial after another.

For more information, contact Fairfield Footlighters at

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