Male Audition Added for CURTAINS at Loveland Stage Company

We are calling for some musical men! Both leads and Male ensemble are needed for this deadly romp of a musical comedy.

Special audition this SUNDAY, Aug 29, 6:30-8:30
Audition appointments

Rehearsal schedule TWTh 7-9:30 Sun 2-5
Show dates Fri, Sat, Sundays Nov 5-21
Directed by Charlie Rader
Produced by Thomas Cavano

The Story of “Curtains” – Curtains is a backstage musical with a “play-within-the play”. Set in the 1950’s it tells the story of a troupe of actors, the cast of “Robbin’ Hood,” an ill-conceived musical in its Boston pre-Broadway tryout. On opening night, its supremely untalented leading lady is murdered on stage, the first of several murders. The cast is quarantined in the theatre, and the police investigation is led by Lt. Frank Cioffi, a community theatre aficionado in his off-time, who proves himself as interested in fixing the troubled musical as solving the murders. Of course, he accomplishes both tasks! The score for Curtains runs the gamut from witty patter songs, to rich ballads and lots of exciting, full ensemble numbers. Because Curtains may not be well-known to some of you, a complete story synopsis can be found at:

Please prepare and provide the following for your audition:

  • 16-32 bars of music that showcases your vocal range.
  • Backing tracks (CD or Bluetooth) or a cappella numbers acceptable.
  • Shoes and clothing appropriate for a dance audition
  • Reading sides from the Script are here

Roles in “Curtains” – 24+ considering all ethnicities Age range is flexible

  • LT. FRANK CIOFFI (30s-40s): Boston detective, also musical theatre aficionado. Good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer his entire life. Falls in love with Niki. Strong comic skills, major singing, some dance; vocal range: A-flat-E.
  • BOBBY PEPPER (20s to early 30s) The choreographer and lead dancer; Strong singer who dances well, A-E.
  • PLUS members of the “Robbin’ Hood” company, with a LOT to do! This is a big show for dance, and great ensemble work!

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