Auditions Announced for THE CURIOUS SAVAGE at Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre

Directed by Chris Beiser
Produced by Teresa Bayer-Iltzsch & Marijo Farley

  • 7:00PM Sunday July 18th at The Palace
  • 7:00PM Monday July 19th at The Palace
    Callbacks (if needed) will be 7:00PM Thursday July 22nd at The Palace

Auditionees should come prepared to read from the script

Rehearsals will be determined by actor availability

Performances are scheduled for September 30th-October 3rd

Character Descriptions

  • Florence: 25-30’s, sweet, gentle, and elegant. Lost her son at an early age and has never emotionally
    recovered so she carries a doll that she treats like a son.
  • Hannibal: 40- 60’s, cherubic man, loves math, frightened of the world outside. Quite proud of his
    talents as a violin player even though he only knows two chords.
  • Fairy Mae: 18-20’s, happy and cheerful nature, a perpetual liar, desperately seeks love and approval
    from others. Very childlike in her actions and vocal quality.
  • Jeffery: 20-30’s, handsome young man, with the dignity of an older man. A war veteran convinced his
    face is badly scarred, even though his scars are only mental. An accomplished piano player but keeps
    this secret to himself.
  • Mrs. Paddy: 40-70’s, woman with extreme ferocity, refuses to speak to anyone, hates everything
    especially electricity, so she keeps turning off the lights. Her only entertainment is painting seascapes,
    yet she’s never seen the ocean.
  • Miss Willie: 20-30’s. an efficient woman who works as a caregiver in the home so she can be close to
    her husband Jeffrey, he doesn’t remember being married to her. Kind and loving with incredible
  • Dr. Emmett: 30-60’s: kind doctor who treat his patients with care and respect, highly professional. His
    patients’ health and safety are his top priority.
  • Ethel Savage: 55-60’s, wealthy woman with a youthful mischievous spirit, clever, quick and imaginative.
    She may be small and fragile looking, but she commands a strong presence.
  • Titus Savage: 30-50, a sell dressed senator, humorless and direct. He is driven by his political power and
    desire to be wealthy.
  • Lily Belle Savage: 25-40’s, the middle daughter, chic, impatient, and arrogant. She and Mrs. Savage do
    not get along. She’s been married six times and is extremely driven by money.
  • Samuel Savage: 20-30’s, youngest Savage child, works as a judge. His siblings constantly overshadow
    him, and his rulings in court are constantly overturned.

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