BRO’KIN RIVER Available May 28-30

Sparklight Creative Group
May 28-30

Directed by Darnell Pierre Benjamin

Bro’Kin RIVER is an original 60-minute stage play, written by K.A. Simpson and based on the true story of Margaret Garner, a Northern Kentucky slave who escaped from her plantation. Upon recapture, she took the life of her child instead of seeing her forced back into slavery.

Opening on Garner’s 1856 Cincinnati trial, Garner is transcended to present day, entering on the day after the murder of George Floyd. As Garner comes to terms with her sudden travel through time to the precipice of the Black Lives Matter Movement, her character opens our eyes to the racism of the past, and how modern-day implicit-bias practices are not too far removed from that time.

This project is sponsored in part by ArtsWave through its “Truth & Reconciliation” grant.   

Live Performances are SOLD OUT.

  • Streaming performance available beginning Sat, May 29 at 2pm

Official page |


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