Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department Debuts World Premiere Original Show With TO THE MEADOW AND BACK AGAIN

WHHS_To the Meadow1

Cast members Sophie Christian & Emma Dalton. Photo courtesy of Mikki Schaffner Photography

Cincinnati, OH- As spring begins to arrive, the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department presents an original, nature-inspired devised play: TO THE MEADOW AND BACK AGAIN.

TO THE MEADOW AND BACK AGAIN is being produced and filmed in the Walnut Hills High School Rick Steiner Black Box Theater, and the recording will be available to the public for On Demand Streaming.  Actors and crew are masked, and are following strict COVID-19 guidelines while filming.

“This is an original show composed both from established text and original writing from our cast of actors,” says director Helen Raymond-Goers.  “We’ve pieced together all of these writings into characters that all share a common bond or theme to make a unique storytelling experience that is different from plays you may have seen before.”

On Demand Streaming begins April 22 and runs through May 1.  Streaming Passes are $10 for an individual and $20 for a family. No live audience will be permitted for performances.  Passes can be purchased through the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department Website: https://sites.google.com/view/whhstheatredepartment/tickets.

This production  and the entire WHHS Theatre 2020-2021 season is graciously sponsored by the Walnut Hills High School Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund.

WHHS_To the Meadow2

Cast member Wolf Singer. Photo courtesy of Mikki Schaffner Photography.

About the show:
How do you know when it is time to grow up? Does it happen all at once, like a flash? Or does it come on slowly, like a sunrise? What happens when your friends don’t come along or leave you behind? Explore these questions and more with the cast of  To the Meadow and Back Again, Based on the works of authors across place and time, including inspiration from Shel Silverstein, William Blake, William Shakespeare, David Sedaris, and more, Walnut Hills Students have created a piece that explores questions of aging, shared humanity, and our place in the universe.

Featuring cast members Kenner Bailey, Nate Caudill, Sophie Christian, Owen Cummings, Emma Dalton, Tess Fightmaster, Alejandra Frecker, Megan Graeler, Emma Herzig, Joanna Lin, Allison Robertson, Loretta Rubin, Wolf Singer, and Emma Smith.

  • Director: Helen A. Raymond Goers
  • Assistant Directors: Olivia Busche and Sophia Rooksberry
  • Stage Manager: Grace Allen
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Reagan Warvel
  • Costume Designers: Cam Hogue
  • Lighting Designer: John Arora
  • Hair and Makeup Designer: Nadyaa Betts
  • Props Designer: Gabby Burns
  • Set Designer: Ella Knellinger
  • Sound Designer: Charlie Wise

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