TDW_Home View II logoThe first series was such a hit, we decided to make another round of videos! We will be releasing six MORE short plays on video as part of: HOME VIEW THEATRE: Series II!

Some will be filmed on stage, some on location as short films, and some even recorded as a “Zoom Play” written for that format.

The full list of titles, and links to buy tickets to view them can be found here:

Tickets are $5 for each video, or you can buy the series of six for $25.
(There is also a “Generous Admission” options to show your support for The Drama Workshop during these difficult times!) And if you are one of our Season Subscribers for this current suspended season, once again these videos are complimentary!

Ticket buyers will receive a link to view each video. Show details below!


A romantic comedy by Jessie Faye. As they prepare for a first date, a man and woman reflect on societal pressure, self-doubt, and the complexities of the perfect outfit.  TDW is excited to welcome Jeff and Maddy Weinkam to their TDW debut. They will play the couple, and Jeff is directing.  The Rules will premiere on February 12 just in time to share with your loved one on Valentine’s Day weekend.

A collection of monologues written by a group of TDW artists who began a writer’s group during their pandemic downtime.  Each monologue, performed by its author, explores how people try to make connections with others during the pandemic.  The group of actor/playwrights consists of Chris Bishop, Betsy Bossart, Stephanie Klein, Lindsey Pullum, Fred Tacon and Eric Thomas. Vir:Us will premiere February 26.

A comedy by Fred Tacon that portrays what happens when an extremely overworked tooth fairy visits an adult man.  The video will be directed by Lynne Aronson and feature Michael Sharon and Rusty Lacey. Second Story Jobs premieres March 12.

A play by Teri Foltz. While clearing out the garage after their mother’s death, a brother and sister learn of a family secret.   The cast includes Linda Callahan and Steve Phelan under the direction of Julie Jordan. Goodwill premieres March 26.

Indian Sign is a drama by Clint Bramkamp in which conflict arises between a man leading a campaign to keep a twenty-eight-foot sign depicting an outdated view of Native Americans in place and a Native American activist who wants to see the sign taken down.  Richard Zenk directs the cast which features Jessie Faye and John McInerney. Indian Sign premieres April 9.

A comedy by Eric Thomas. Retiring Detective Sergeant Royal is given one last assignment – to train rookie Detective Francis – and one last case  — to finally bring down his arch-nemesis . Dennis Murphy will direct and play Detective Royal. The cast also includes Nicholas Dunker, Lindsey Pullum, Chirs Bishop and others.  I’m Bloody Retired premieres April 23.

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