Digital Auditions Announced for TEXAS ANNIE: THE LEGEND OF THE MOAN RANGER

MISC_Auditions2Announcing Digital Auditions for
TEXAS ANNIE: The Legend of the Moan Ranger
A New (Adult) Musical by Jennifer Howd and Ross Mihalko
Performances: TBD Late May/Early June of 2021

Rehearsals will take place digitally beginning in Late January/Early February for table work and character development. Rehearsals will move to in-person rehearsals as weather and covid conditions apply. No rehearsal schedule is established at this point but will be negotiable based on actor schedules. Technical rehearsals in May will be mandatory, but again, can be scheduled based on actor schedules.

TEXAS ANNIE is a campy, sex-positive musical comedy following the adventures of a renegade dildo runner in Texas when sex toys are declared illegal. Think ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets John Waters.

Auditions by Video Submission Only. What to send:

  • A short video showcasing 3 original/improvised characters. For each character, introduce yourself as the character and give a little backstory. Remember to give each character a specific voice and physicality. Read the character descriptions below so you have a sense of the diversity of age and styles of the character work we’re looking for in this show.
  • You may be asked to film an additional side from the show after submitting the first video.
  • If considered in the final round of casting, you may be asked to attend a Zoom or in-person, socially distant callback.

Please send video with resume and headshot attached to Maggie Perrino, by 5pm on Friday, January 15th to be considered for the show. Links preferred rather than video files. 


  • TEXAS ANNIE requires a diversity of race, gender identity, age, and body type in its casting. Actors from all backgrounds and life experiences are encouraged to audition. Actors must be able to play the characters as listed, but needn’t match the role specifically in age or gender identity. 

Compensation Information

  • TEXAS ANNIE is being staged as part of a larger festival format. All actors will be involved in a profit-sharing agreement that entitles them to part of the revenue earned. Details of agree will be hashed out collaboratively once dates, capacity, and ticket prices are known. 

Performance Tracks

TEXAS ANNIE will require a cast of 8 performers to play a wide variety of characters throughout the show. Specific tracks are still being decided and may change based on actor talents/abilities

Character Descriptions
(Please note some characters currently have actors being considered and may be cast by the 15th.)

TEXAS ANNIE / ANNIE GINA [Gender: Female] [Age: 20s-30s] [Fortune Feimster type]
Annie’s spent most of her life as an antisocial wall-flower working the counter of her grandmother’s sex toy store. But when Governor Killjoy outlaws sex toys and sends her Granny to the penitentiary, Annie dons a fake mustache to become the curvaceous and confident freedom fighter of fornication instrumentation known as “The Moan Ranger.”

ASHLEY KILLJOY [Gender: Female] [Age: 20s][Lily Collins type]
Ashley is the prim and proper daughter of Texas Governor Killjoy. She’s lived most of her life being told sex is a sinful act performed by deviants, but after her accidental kidnapping by Annie, Ashley opens her eyes (and thighs) to the power of sex and love.

GOVERNOR KILLJOY [Gender: Male) [late 40s/early 50s] [Tom Selleck type]
Governor Killjoy is the conservative Christian leader of the Loan Star state who has made it his personal crusade to outlaws sex toys, since “Dildos are the Devil’s Tools.” He’s a Tom Selleck type (complete with mustache) who loves western wear and justice.

WOLF JOHNSON – TEXAS RANGER [Gender: Male] [late 40s/early 50s][Matthew McConaughey type; Good at physical comedy]
Wolf Johnson is the Governor’s iron-fisted right hand man. He’s a hard-fighting, door-kicking Chuck Norris-type who has declared war on Texas Annie after he lost his eye in a dildo fight. He’s a master of disguise who speaks in unintentional sexual innuendos.

RAINBOW / RAINBOW FLESHLIGHT [Gender: Female] [Early 60s][Lily Tomlin type]
Rainbow is Granny’s long-time live-in life partner. She’s a peace-loving hippie who dies during an out-of-body experience and goes on to possess a fleshlight (a flashlight-shaped fake vagina sex toy) and become Annie’s spiritual advisor.

JOY GOODBODY [Gender: Female] [50s/60s][Kim Catrrall type]
Dr. Joy Goodbody is a sensual sex educator who teaches self-exploration workshops to women in her Pussy Palace. She’s absolutely dripping with sexuality and confidence at all times. Think Kim Catrrall in Sex In The City after a dozen oysters.

COOKIE SPEDGEWICK [Gender: Female] [40s] [Jennifer Coolidge type]
Cookie is one of Texas Annie’s first customers. She’s a white trash psychic/hairdresser with a heart of gold.

MANGUS SPEDGEWICK [Gender: Male] [40s/50s] [Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump type]
Mangus is Cookie’s husband. He’s a wheel-chair bound war veteran who needs Texas Annie’s tools to help him satisfy his wife.

CHERRY and CANDI [Gender: Female] [20s]
Cherry and Candi are Ashley’s smoking-hot, slut-proud sorority sisters. They are the ones who initially set the governor’s daughter on her road trip to self-discovery.

JUDGE CROSS [Gender: Male] [60s]
Jude Cross is the conservative Texas State Judge who can’t wait to throw the book and The Bible at anyone who violates the anti-sex toy laws.

THE MOAN RANGER [Gender: Male] [20s]
The Moan Ranger is the confident, handsome, mask-wearing star of the show. He ends up being the inspiration for Texas Annie’s mustached persona.

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