Cast Members Needed for Play Reading at Beechmont Players

BPI_logoBeechmont Players is going to hold another ZOOM play reading on Sunday afternoon, January 10th from 2-4pm. It will be an as-yet-unpublished dramedy (see below) sent to us by acclaimed playwright Michele Lowe, who wrote THE SMELL OF THE KILL which Steve Phelan directed for BPI four years ago.  

Please email Steve at  if you are interested in taking a role (and which role(s) you are interested in). Steve will cast this first-come, first serve, but will try to give preference to people who haven’t participated yet, so we all get a chance to join in the fun!  Once cast, an electronic copy of the script will be emailed to each cast member.

ZOOM readings aren’t the same as live, but they provide a great chance to experience unknown shows, practice your acting skills, and socialize with your theater buddies.  And we hope they’ll be a reminder of why we started working with Beechmont Players in the first place!

Just want to watch?  Put the date on the calendar and let Steve know. He will make sure you receive the ZOOM link! Zoom link will also be available via our social media pages!

Mezullah, 1946
A spunky young woman tries to carve out a career and a life in the chaotic period following the end of World War II. Mezullah is the last woman working at a Boeing aircraft factory.  The men want her out, but she doesn’t want to go.  Meanwhile, friends and relatives try to resolve relationships that include a ghost and a woman hunting her missing (soldier) husband.

The cast (descriptions and ages are given just to guide character and perspective):


  • Mezzulah Steiner–19 
  • Mary Steiner—Mezzulah’s mother, late 30s 
  • Suzannah Hart– Mezzulah’s aunt, early 30s 
  • Clementine Flynn—- Crazy war widow, early 20s.  Doubles as Sally Cauley
  • Elvira Glass—-early 20s, doubles as Mrs. Bates 


  • Isaiah Benson—Drifter who’s sparking Mary Steiner, late 30s 
  • Horace Steiner—- Mezzulah’s  father, 19,  Doubles as Man #1 
  • Charlie Steiner—-Mezzulah’s uncle and factory foreman.Doubles as the Reverend .
  • Errol Hart—-Suzannah’s husband, early 30s.  Doubles as Man #3 
  • Fist—Sweet on Mezzulah, early 20s.  Doubles as Man #2

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