DPH_One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall logoONE CHRISTMAS EVE AT EVERGREEN MALL
Dayton Playhouse
Dec. 9-27

Directed by Brian Sharp

Cast: Cathy Long as Bell Ringer, Becky Howard as Darla, Adonis Lemke as Robert, Annie Sayers as Lacey, Samuel Hamilton as Todd, Jenna Gomes as Jenny, Ron Maurer as Stephen, Lynn Vanderpool as Erin, Mark Sharp as Andy, Sarah Gomes as Taylor, Michael Fisher as RJ, Matt Poliachik as Terry, Jenny Westfall as Abbie, Amy Askins as Jo Ellen, Lynn Jensen as Robin, Kelli Meyers as Molly, Dakota Spicer as Matthew, Cynthia Schindler as Felicia, Janet Wasson as Linda, Mandy Bridgeford as Sharon, Sean Mayo as Gerald & Chloe Chicarelli as Ellie

An anthology play by Lynne Halliday, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton & Craig Pospisil, it follows eight intertwined stories in a Midwestern shopping mall on the day before the holiday.

  • Available on demand Dec. 9-27

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