Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department Brings 2020 To William Shakespeare’s HAMLET

WHHS_Hamlet 2020-52 snow

Photo by of Mikki Schaffner Photography.

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”

Cincinnati, OH- Coming off its historic production of Urinetown, which garnered 19 Cappie awards last season, the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department will now tackle perhaps the most challenging play of all time in the most challenging of circumstances.

HAMLET is being produced and filmed in the Walnut Hills High School Auditorium, and the recording will be available to the public for On Demand Streaming beginning November 20th.  Actors and crew are masked, and are following strict COVID-19 guidelines while filming.

“Conceptually, we’re bringing 2020 into the world of HAMLET,” says director Mike Sherman.  “Our  production is set now during the pandemic, as well all our political turmoil. Our philosophy was by making 2020 part of the show, we don’t have to pretend to ignore it, and neither does our audience.  In a sense, we’re all Hamlet right now- constantly bombarded with grief, overstimulated and overloaded with information, and left wondering whether or not to take action about anything. We’ve also gender flipped multiple roles to reflect a more contemporary feel.  Making some of these traditional male roles female, especially Polonus and Laertes, has given a lot of the show new life and meaning.”

On Demand Streaming begins 11/20 and runs through December 31.  Ticket sales for the show will begin on Monday, November 2.  Streaming Passes are $10 (service fees apply). No live audience will be permitted for performances.  Tickets can be purchased through the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department Website: https://sites.google.com/view/whhstheatredepartment/tickets.

This production is graciously sponsored by the Walnut Hills High School Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund.

About the show:
Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, is visited by the ghost of his father who reveals that Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, is responsible for his father’s murder. Hamlet then sets down a path of madness and revenge against Claudius, who is now the king and married to Hamlet’s mother. Along the way, Hamlet begins to question his own sanity and discovers that all actions, and inactions, have consequences.

WHHS_Hamlet 2020-43

Photo by Mikki Schaffner Photography.

Featuring Jack Giglia as Hamlet, Owen Cummings as Claudius, Alli Robertson as Gertrude, Olivia Busche as Ophelia, Sarah Mansfield as Polonius, Emma Dalton as Laertes, Brando Donaldson as Horatio, Cam Hogue as Rosencrantz, Nina Roberto as Guildenstern, Sophie Christian as Francisco/Reynaldo, Megan Graeler as Marcellus / Servant, Avery Frank as Bernardo / Sailor, Wolf Singer as The Ghost / Fortinbras’ Captain, Lily Canter as Voltimand / First Gravedigger, Josie Leanza as Cornelius / Second Gravedigger, Nate Caudill as Player King / Priest, Lila Herzig as Player Queen / British Ambassador, Olivia Hufford as Third Player / Gentlewoman, Maxwell Nolan as Messenger / Osric, and Joanna Lin as Fortinbras. Understudies include Clare Graff, Chloe Goodman, Emma Herzig, Loretta Rubin, Emma Smith, Kyra Doty, Sidney Harris, and Alejandra Frecker.

Directed by Mike Sherman

  • Technical Director: Helen A. Raymond-Goers
  • Stage Manager: Lily Jones
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Grace Allen
  • Costume Designers: Nicole Domoe and Sena Segbefia
  • Lighting Designer: JP Oberst
  • Makeup Designer: Nadyaa Betts
  • Props Designer: Gabby Burns
  • Sound Designer: John Arora

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