CATCH ME IF YOU CANON Round 2: Findlay Market Scavenger Hunt Now Available From Cincy Shakes

CSC_CatchMeCanon LogoEach clue [on this page] will lead you to a QR CODE hidden somewhere in or near Findlay Market! All codes will be outside- you will never need to enter a shop or restaurant.

To scan a QR Code, simply point your phone’s camera at it, and a link should pop right up on the screen. Try it with the code below! The link will take you to a video featuring a CSC Ensemble Member performing a brief snippet from a Shakespeare play. Then, on the screen, the name of a character from that play will appear. Write down all those character names as you go. At the last clue, you will also receive instructions of what to do with those names to be entered into this week’s prize drawing.

To be entered into a special bonus prize drawing (oooh!), take a pic of yourself in front of Findlay Market. Post it to your Facebook or Instagram, tag @cincyshakes and add #catchmeifyoucanon.


  • Google is your friend! If you get stuck on a clue, some creative Googling can often help you.
  • All codes will be outdoors and clearly visible, so you will not need to enter any buildings or move anything to find them.
  • You’re free to choose your own route, but following the clues in the order below will take you, more or less, in a big circle, finishing close to where you started.
  • You can print off the clues to take with you and jot down numbers as you go or you can just access this page from your phone and keep track of numbers on your own.

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