30th Season Announced by Cincinnati Men’s Chorus

CMC_logoIt is the CMC’s 30th, XXX, Pearl Anniversary Season! So much of our lives, such as school, work, social and entertainment activities, have gone virtual due to the pandemic. The CMC will also be going virtual for at least the first half of our season. We’re eXcited to use the virtual platform to eXpand our membership and audience to those outside our area, while continuing our mission – “Through our music, we strive for eXcellence;… entertain our audiences; and work for justice, inclusion and harmony between the LGBTQ community and the community at large.”

We look forward to bringing you an eXceedingly eXhilarating eXperience, 30 years in the making. We hope you will join us virtually until such time as we can all be together in person to commemorate three decades of music by the Cincinnati Men’s Chorus.

–Michael Hoffman, President

Holiday Concert: “Hung with Care”
Capturing the eXuberance of the holidays. Featuring some of our favorite holiday songs from the past 30 seasons and of course, some of the CMC miX of naughty and nice that you’ve come to eXpect.

Cabaret: “Dear Johns”
They’re called eXes for a reason. This year’s cabaret “Dear Johns” highlights songs written or sung by people named John (think Legend, Elton, Lennon, Cougar Mellencamp, Olivia Newton) plus a maybe a few fun break-up songs (a little something for everyone).

Spring Concert: “String of Pearls”
The eXquisite pearl is the symbol of 30 years together. Our Spring concert, “String of Pearls” We open the Great American SongBook for an evening of standards.

Pride Concert: Big Gay Broadway
The eXtravaganza that is Broadway will be celebrated. Join us as we eXplore the many GLBT+ contributions to showtunes. GLBT+ composers, themes, and characters. All of your favorites plus a few rare ones. You’ll want to sing along….and we won’t stop you.

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