Auditions Announced for THE SUNSHINE BOYS at Fairfield Footlighters

fflFairfield Footlighters announces the auditions for THE SUNSHINE BOYS written by Neil Simon and directed by Richard Zenk. This classic comedy concerns two retired vaudeville performers, Al Lewis and Willie Clark (aka ‘The Sunshine Boys’), who reunite to perform their famous sketch ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ on a network TV special.

The auditions will follow these guidelines: Everyone entering the FCAC Theater at 411 Wessel Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014 must wear a face mask. Auditionees can remove their mask once onstage for their audition but must wear when in close proximity to other people. Auditionees should stay outside until they called in via text or voice call. Everyone must social distance.

Auditions will be one person per time slot. They will be held from 6:30-9 PM on both July 20 and 22. Choose an audition slot no later than July 18th:

Once you sign up for an audition slot, you will be emailed an audition form to complete and the audition sides. You will return the audition form along with your theater resume and headshot by July 18th.

Contact the director with any questions via the Sign-Up Genius link. The rehearsals will begin on August 8. The performances will occur on September 18–20, 2020.


  • Willie Clark (60+ – lead) – One half of the famous vaudeville duo known as the Sunshine Boys, Willie is a cranky, fiercely independent man, not as young as he used to be, and nostalgically protective of the glory days of his glamorous past.
  • Ben Silverman (20-35 – supporting) – Willie’s nephew and only living relative, an agent, frequently driven to heart palpitations by his frustration with his uncle, whom he looks after.
  • Al Lewis ( 60+ – lead) – The former vaudeville partner of Willie, who abruptly decided to retire after 43 years of performing. Now elderly, he lives with his daughter and her young family.
  • Patient (any age – cameo) – A member of the doctor sketch, one of the Sunshine Boys’ most famous acts.
  • Eddie (20-30; cameo) – The young and efficient assistant TV director at CBS.
  • Nurse (20-35; cameo) – A young attractive woman, playing a burlesque nurse in the Sunshine Boys’ doctor sketch.
  • Registered Nurse (any age – cameo) – A sensible, brusque healthcare practitioner hired to look after Willie.

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