Auditions Announced for JEKYLL & HYDE at Dayton Playhouse

DPH_logoMonday & Tuesday, Feb. 24 & 25 from 6:30-9pm

Dayton Playhouse
1301 E Siebenthaler Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45414

Directed by Richard Lee Waldeck

Auditions will take place next door to the Playhouse in the Wegerzyn Administrative building. Please follow the signs that will lead you to the audition room.

Callbacks if needed will take place on Wednesday evening. If you are or will be cast in another local performance of Jekyll and Hyde please feel free to contact us as an audition from you will not be necessary. A few of our artistic team will be attending those local performances and will consider that your audition. If you fit into the parameters of our vision you can begin rehearsal upon closing of your show. We will only cast principals from outside our auditions if the roles cannot be adequately cast from what is presented to us during our auditions. All sides and songs for callbacks will be posted to this event at a later date.

For your audition please prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show and character in which you are auditioning. Due to time constraints we will not allow ANY audition to go over the 32 bar limit. All music must have sheet music clearly marked and no acapella or digital tracks will be permitted. The audition form will be available online for you to print and fill out ahead of your audition.

Production dates: May 1-17

Character Breakdown (Ages listed are suggestive only)

Gabriel John Utterson: Serves as Jekyll’s lawyer and helpful friend. He advises the troubled doctor on personal and professional affairs.
Male, 30-45 yrs old
Range: B2 – F#4

Sir Danvers Carew: Emma’s loving father and Chairman of the Board of Governors. A charming and gentle man.
Male, 60-70 yrs old
Range: C3 – F#4

Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde: Jekyll is a doctor obsessed with discovering the true nature behind the good and evil in man and Emma’s fiancee. After he uses an experimental formula on himself, his evil side – Edward Hyde – takes control. As Hyde, he is violent, commanding, and a sexual deviant attracted to Lucy.
Male, 30-45 yrs old
Range: Bb2 – A4

Simon Stride: The secretary of the Board of Governors and Jekyll’s rival for Emma’s affections.
Male, 30-40 yrs old
Range: A2 – G4

Bishop Of Basingstoke: A hypocritical, sadistic man of the cloth and a member of the Board of Governors.
Male, 40-60 yrs old
Range: C#3 – G4

General Lord Glossop: A pompous retired army man and member of the Board of Governors.
Male, 50-60 yrs old
Range: G#3 – C4

Emma Carew: The daughter of Chariman Danvers and Jekyll’s beloved finacee who is refined and desired by all of the socialite men.
Female, 20-25 yrs old
Range: A3 – C6

Lucy Harris: The gorgeous ‘main attraction’ at a local gentleman’s club. At the bottom of her luck, she becomes the object of Hyde’s obsession. Lucy is feisty and wild, but also cautious and aware.
Female, 20-30 yrs old
Range: G#3 – F#5

Ensemble: Aristocrats; Citizens; Servants; Party Guests; Prostitutes; Policemen

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