Cast Announced for OLIVER! at Rotary Presents

RP_Oliver logoCongratulations to the following people who have been cast in Rotary Presents OLIVER!, taking the stage at Parrish Auditorium at Miami University Hamilton March 19-22, 2020. More details will soon be at

The cast includes:

  • Oliver – Gabe Neal
  • Fagin – Wayne Wright
  • Artful Dodger – Evan Blust
  • Nancy – Mary Vosseberg
  • Bill Sykes – Coby Osborn
  • Mr. Bumble – Scott Christian
  • Widow Corney – Kelly Massie
  • Mr. Sowerberry – Bill Balfour
  • Mrs. Sowerberry – Lacey Parsons
  • Bet – Abby Murrill
  • Noah Claypole – Clayton Eschenbrenner
  • Charlotte – Olivia Jones
  • Mr. Brownlow – Bob Dronberger
  • Dr. Grimwig – Matt Guion
  • Mrs. Bedwin – Joan Angst
  • Rose Seller – Katelyn Moore
  • Strawberry Seller – Holly Meyer
  • Milk Maid – Molly Wanko
  • Knife Grinder – Marco Colant
  • Charlie Bates – Ella Pfirman
  • Nipper – Naomi Wanko
  • Old Sally – Marijo Farley
  • Governors – Gary Bracknell, Tom Angst, Matthew Dieffenderfer, David Went
  • Workhouse Kids: Sammy Platt, Abby McCullough, Devon Adams, Janelle Benjey, Owen Benjey, Morgan Greenwood, Clark Pfirman, Kate Pfirman, Ryder Parsons, Patrick Oehlenschlager, Charlie Ernst, Lilly Gibson, Josie Garrett, Rylan Jackman, Rebecca Moore, Gwen Halverson, Alondra Scott, John Horton & Franz Horton
  • Workhouse & Fagin’s Gang: Maddi Bates, Hannah Neal, Ella Pfirman, Evie Sias, Makayla Platt, Samira Platt, Tyler Hull, Ben Brown, Ryleigh Doss, Josie Halverson, Grace Martin, Ava Martin, Naomi Wanko, Elli Maddock, Chloe Kime, Kaylee Beck, Mia Biondo, Maggie Hochwalt & Aiden Dieffenderfer
  • Men’s Ensemble: Joshua Braun, Dexter Harold Carpenter, David Went, Matt Guion, Marco Colant, Gary Bracknell, Tom Angst, Matthew Dieffenderfer, Clayton Eschnbrenner, Scott Christian & Bob Dronberger
  • Woman’s Ensemble: Sunny Dieffenderfer, Kristina Stoddart, Maria Helbig, Marijo Farley, Shelby Carter, Dani Jones, Chelsea Smith, Molly Wanko, Olivia Jones, Ursula Biron, Joan Angst, Katelyn Moore, Holly Meyer, Sam Murray, Lacey Parsons, Morgan Garrett, Bethany Roundtree & Megan Rademacher

Choreographed by Samantha Murray
Produced by Angie Neal
Vocal Direction by Betsy Horton
Directed by Rodney Neal

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