Additional Audition Date Announced FLAMINGO COURT at Tri-County Players

TCP_logoFLAMINGO COURT by Luigi Creatore

Directed by Gregg Robertson
Produced by Gregory Carl Smith

Dec. 15 from 6pm to 8pm

The Bell Tower Art Pavilion – 3270 Glendale Milford Rd Evendale, OH 45241

Production Date: February 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 at 8 & Sunday the 23rd at 3

Flamingo Court is made up of three short plays all taking place in an apartment building where several retirees live. Angelina, in 104, is a Neil-Simonesque piece where resident Angelina starts to fall for her neighbor Dominic. The only problem is her sick husband in the other room. Surprises abound as their mutual friend tightropes between being matchmaker and keeping each of their secrets.

Clara, in 204, is the shortest piece and also more somber of the three. Clara is suffering from memory loss and struggles with the idea of being away from her husband, Arthur, in a nursing home.

Harry, in 304, deals with an eighty-nine year-old gentleman who is trying to celebrate his birthday his way; with a hooker. Upon the arrival of his daughter and son-in-law who are trying to get every last penny they can out of their father, Harry has to get even more crafty with his stories.

  • ANGELINA – (60 +) Italian, caring, moved a Year ago from Brooklyn.
  • MARIE – (40 +) A matchmaker, nosy, abrupt, a trouble maker, says what she thinks.
  • Angelina’s neighbor and best friend.
  • DOMINIC – (60+) Italian. Sensitive, gullible. A man of honor. Romantic.
  • CLARA – (60 +) Gentle, firm, opinionated. She has early stage dementia.
  • ARTHUR – (60 +) Her husband. To the point, strong direction, knows what he wants.
  • HARRY – (60 +) Celebrating his eighty-ninth birthday. Determined, feisty, crusty character.
  • MARK – (25+) A hearing-aid salesman. Polite, honest, intelligent.
  • CHARITY – (40 +)Harry’s daughter. Pushy, overbearing, controlling.
  • WALTER – (40 +) Charity’s husband. A lawyer. Spineless, completely dominated by his wife.

The role of CHI CHI – A hooker has been precast

Come one – Come all, but as usual there is a strong need for men

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