Auditions Announced for RABBIT HOLE at INNOVAtheatre

INNOV_logoDavid Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play explores the grieving process of a couple who have lost their only child to a senseless car accident and are now attempting to survive the enormous loss that threatens to bring them down.

Directed by Jamison Meyer
Produced by Michael Schumacher

Mon, Dec. 9 from 6-9pm
Kettering-Moraine Branch Library | Facebook event |

Tue, Dec. 10 from 7-10pm
Miamisburg Branch Library | Facebook event |

Rabbit Hole Character descriptions (2 M, 3 F)

  • Becca: Howie’s wife in her late thirties. She is usually a very responsible and sensible person, but makes some rash decisions throughout the play because of grief.
  • Izzy: Becca’s irresponsible but well-wishing sister. She is unwed, but in a relationship with Auggie. She is pregnant throughout the duration of the play.
  • Howie: Becca’s husband in his late thirties. He is very caring, but has a hard time dealing with Danny’s death, which causes him to be angry and depressed, though he hides it as much as possible.
  • Nat: Izzy and Becca’s mother. She is the voice of reason for her daughters. Her son (Becca’s brother, Arthur), a heroin addict, hanged himself at the age of 30.
  • Jason Willette: 17-year-old boy who accidentally hit Danny with his car, leading to Danny’s death. He blames himself for Danny’s death.

Performances run March 13-22 at Baum Opra House in Miamisburg.

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