42ND STREET Quick Review

42ND STREET presented UC College-Conservatory of Music ran Oct. 24-27. I attended the Saturday matinee performance. 

CCM_42nd St1

“Forty-Second Street.” Photo by Mark Lyons.

I do enjoy a good tap show. And University of Cincinnati’s 42ND STREET was not a good tap show. It was a great tap show.

One advantage CCM has over a touring Broadway show is the ability to go big. In this case, with an ensemble comprised of more than two dozen performers. The production numbers nearly filled the stage from wing to wing with rows of dancers. The choreography was top notch and well-handled by all.

CCM_42nd St3

Bailee Endebrock as Peggy Sawyer. Photo by Mark Lyons.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the wonderful work by costume designer Reba Senseke and crew. Also well-done were the wigs designed by Samantha Kittle.

The show flowed well from scene to scene and the pacing was strong throughout. I’m not sure if the downplaying of the May-December romance between Peggy Sawyer and Julian Marsh was a director’s decision or a script change from the revival, but I thought that as presented it made for a great dynamic between the two.

Bailee Endebrock was very enjoyable as Peggy Sawyer. Both Camila Paquet (as Maggie Jones) and Nick Berninger (Julian Marsh) were strong in their aged-up roles. Solid performances across the cast.

CCM_42nd Street2

“We’re in the Money.” Photo by Mark Lyons.

Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon meeting those dancing feet.

My rating: 4.75 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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