A GIFT TO REMEMBER Runs Nov. 14-24

BVCT_A Gift to Remember logoA GIFT TO REMEMBER
Brookville Community Theatre
Nov. 14-24

Directed by Sherron Henry

Cast: Sheryl Koontz as Cathy Norris,James Nelson as Matt McHugh, Brad Rarick as Len Dawber, Cathy Rarick as Elise Jones, Ceci Dixon and Eliza Sievers as Kate Jones, Dean Shipley as Clayton Kemper, Garrett Hensley as Nick Berry, Jennifer Peffley as Kelly Berry, Cathy Marquis as Louise Larsen, Tim Pinkerton as Sam Larsen, Amanda Harrigan as Pam McHugh, Kate Gaston as Amy, Jen Bell as Deana Owen, Rebecca Henry as Madeline, TBA as 1st Choir Member, Debbi Robbins as 2nd Choir Member & Kathy Devorak as 3rd Choir Member
Choir Members: Ellie Grimes, Bailey Harrigan & Lorelai Wells

A group of strangers  are on a train from Bangor Maine to Boston, each trying to reach their destinations in time for Christmas. However, engine problems and a track out force the passengers to shelter in a small depot in new Hampshire. Disappointed and dispirited they attempt to make the best of things. As the former strangers become collective friends, they realize the memory of this night will be a gift to remember.

  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 14-16 at 8pm
  • Sun, Nov. 17 at 3pm
  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 21-23 at 8pm
  • Sun, Nov. 24 at 3pm

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