Auditions Announced for ROOM FOR SECONDS at Village Players

VP_new logoVillage Players of Fort Thomas announce auditions for ROOM FOR SECONDS by A.K. Forbes.

  • Sunday, Oct. 27, 2 pm
  • Monday, Oct. 28, 7 pm

Street level at 8 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Cast requirements (stage ages may be adjusted somewhat based on casting):

  • TRUDY, to play 50s-60s, Zen’s mother. Eccentric. Easily bored.
  • ZEN, to play 36, Trudy’s son. Experiencing the early stages of a mid-life crisis.
  • MAGGIE, to play 24½ , Zen’s girlfriend. A surprisingly low-energy dance teacher. Probably sounds Kardashian.
  • MEGAN, to play late 30s, Zen’s ex-girlfriend and Trudy’s co-conspirator. Earnest, but a little off.
  • SAM, to play 65, Trudy’s ex-husband; Zen’s father. Recovering from a mid-life crisis.
  • Voice of ALPHONSE, M, any age, to sound like a mid 40s hair stylist with an accent. The accent is probably fake. (This role can be read from the script off stage.)

Resumes and head shots encouraged, but not required. Cold readings from the script.

Synopsis: When Zen brings his new, young girlfriend Maggie home to meet Trudy, his mother, Trudy enlists his ex-girlfriend, Megan, to help in the kitchen. Their plan to “see Maggie blotchy” by serving a sauce made of strawberries, to which she is allergic, backfires in a big way. Maggie is rushed to the hospital, suffering from anaphylactic shock, leaving Trudy and Megan to worry about legal culpability. Hoping that Sam, her tax attorney ex-husband, can be of some assistance (because maybe he knows a “real lawyer”), Trudy reaches out, only to have him show up at her house, luggage in tow. At the same time, Zen threatens to alert the police unless Trudy and Megan help him repair his relationship with Maggie, which has soured after the strawberry incident. Sam, wanting a re-do with Trudy, agrees to help. Their efforts prove to be ineffective but humorous, revealing hidden motives and secrets, ultimately ending with the status quo mostly intact.

Show dates: March 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14 (2020)

Questions, contact Angela –


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2 responses to “Auditions Announced for ROOM FOR SECONDS at Village Players

  1. Cheri Eresman

    Sorry. Just saw this audition announcement. Is it too late to read for Trudy? Cheryl Eresman

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