Call for Directors for 2020-2021 Season at Cincinnati Music Theatre

cmt_logoCincinnati Music Theatre is in search of qualified directors for the 2020-21 season’s two Mainstage shows and three Studio Series shows.

Established in 1963, Cincinnati Music Theatre has a long and proud history of presenting popular, large-scale, award-winning musicals to enthusiastic audiences from across the Greater Cincinnati area.

CMT shows are large- or medium-scale, fully-produced musicals, presented in the Jarson-Kaplan Theatre at the Aronoff Center for the Arts.

The Studio Series is performed in a cabaret setting in the Aronoff’s Fifth Third Bank Theatre. The series allows directors, performers, and producers, both experienced and new, to acquaint themselves with Aronoff policies and to explore their own capabilities. Shows may be original or published works but should be appropriate for a cabaret-style performance; we are particularly interested in original cabarets and existing revues.

Cincinnati Music Theatre encourages the creation of original art. If an original revue or show is submitted, an arranger may be hired and paid a flat rate at the producer’s discretion, in lieu of paying grand rights.

The Studio Series is intended for cabaret, revue, and small-scale musicals with little or no costume, set or tech requirements, as there is no budget for sets or costumes. Performances should lend themselves to piano accompaniment or a small combo.

Interested directors should submit the following information:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Theatrical experience and/or resume
  3. For each production you are interested in directing, please give the following:
    • Application for Mainstage or Studio Series?
    • Show title and creators
    • Licensing entity
    • Cast requirements
    • Production requirements (sets/costumes/props etc.)
    • Do you have staff or tech people you’ve asked (or plan to ask) to work on this production?
    • A brief synopsis or explanation of theme
    • Your vision for the production
    • What challenges do you see with this show? How do you plan to meet them?
    • Why is this show a good choice for CMT’s 2020-21 season?

Please send the above information by September 29, 2019 to VP Creative Kendra Struthers at

Finalists will be invited to present their show(s) to the Creative Committee and CMT board in October, 2019. If you are not available at the time selected, Kendra will present for you.

More information about CMT, including a list of past productions, can be found at our website (

Please note that CMT is an all-volunteer group, and there is no compensation for staff, actors, tech, or musicians.

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