MCP_Dr Evil and the Basket of Kittens logoDR. EVIL AND THE BASKET OF KITTENS
Mason Community Players
Sept. 27-Oct. 5

Directed by Paula Brinkman
Produced by Tess Catlin

Cast: Erin Marie Schwartz as Mary Shelley, Michael Easterling as Dr. Frankenstein, Theo Brinkman as Frank Jr., Dana Davis as Shirley, Stephen Catlin as Dr. Evil, Rene Saldanha as Inferna, Lucy Mullenix as Margo, Trisha Courtney as Mama Sher Were, Robert Terry as Pappa Tuppa Were, Mark Mehlhope as Unna Were, Katie Altman as Silva Were, Kalena Jackson as Annie Were, Sage Altman as Giggle Were, Jennifer Lisa as Arch Duchess Arsenica, Anthony Lisa as Prince Vladi, John David Hamilton as Lord Warhammer, Hannah Gregor as Contess Gothma, Nancy Turselic as Bomb, Julie Walborn as Pierce, Scott Dimmich as Meteorologist, McKenzie Kugler as Mummy, Alisha Flaherty as Mother & Landon Flaherty as Child

This darkly funny farce pits the eternal battle of pure evil against innocent fuzzy goodness. Dr. Evil wants to destroy the world, but when a basket of kittens arrives on his doorstep, it’s his own world that gets turned upside down. The Council of Evil is set to arrive any minute for the unveiling of the thermal ray — Dr. Evil’s latest weapon of world domination — and he must impress them at all costs. If the Council finds him with this basketful of precious kittens, they may never offer the financial backing he needs to complete his dastardly project. Being truly evil, there is only one solution that Dr. Evil can think of… (gasp!) the kittens must be destroyed. But with several identical baskets going in and out of his lab and the crazy antics of his assistant’s mummified mother, his own vampire mother and the practical-joke-loving family of were-hyenas who live next door, the kittens just may make it out alive. You’ll be rooting for the precious little fur balls the whole way. If not, Dr. Evil’s neighbors, Mary Shelley and Dr. Frankenstein, who narrate the evil tale, might think you’re just as evil as Dr. Evil himself. One thing is true, being bad has never been this much fun!

  • Fri, Sept. 27 at 7pm
  • Sat-Sun, Sept. 28-29 at 2pm
  • Fri, Oct. 4 at 7pm
  • Sat, Oct. 4 at 2pm & 7pm

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