THE CRUCIBLE Runs July 26-28

TRT_The Crucible promoTHE CRUCIBLE
The Regular Theatre
July 26-28
Gorman Heritage Farm [Evendale]

Directed by Hannah Sgambellone

Cast: Micah Price as Reverend Parris, Kiya Fix as Betty Parris/Marshall Willard, Kayla Washington as Tituba, Anna Masla as Susanna Walcott, Tess Chadwick as Abigail Williams, Cassie Delicath as Mrs. Putnam/Deputy Governor Danforth, Tanner McDole as Thomas Putnam, Meaghan Vaders as Mercy Lewis, Kelsey Schwarber as Mary Warren, Kyle Parker Daniels as John Proctor, Sam Martini as Giles Corey, Caroline Conard as Rebecca Nurse, Grant Zentmeyer as Reverend Hale, Taylor Maas as Elizabeth Proctor, Rachel Baker as Francis Nurse, Molly Bernfeld as Ezekiel Cheever, Michael Rowlett as Judge Hathorne & Julia Kempf as Sarah Good

Arthur Miller’s classic story of how the spread of witchcraft and paranoia through a small town leads to betrayal and destruction.

  • Fri-Sat, July 26-27 at 7pm
  • Sun, July 28 at 2pm

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