Call for Female Actors for 10_WOMEN

MISC_10 Women logoUpdated 5/31/19 10:15am
Thank you for your interest but all roles have been cast.

10_Women, a project powered by a People’s Liberty grant, is seeking 5-10 female actors to interpret and portray the historic women being celebrated during the scope of the project.

Actors will perform in period dress at an event in the evening on June 12. Although the majority of the interpretation will be unscripted, actors will perform a 2-5 minute scripted monologue that will be filmed to be integrated with the project long-term. Actors will be provided with a variety of resources to assist with the interpretation.

The project will provide costume, hair, and make-up assistance, if needed.

If actors are interested but not available for the event, they may still be engaged for the filmed monologue.

Each performer will receive an honorarium of $175 for the event/filming, or $100 for the filming only. If interested:

  •         Please read over the short bios for the 10 women.
  •         Electronically submit a headshot and resume to:
            Kristin Suess, Project Lead, 10_Women
  •         Indicate which woman or women are of interest for your portrayal.

*Please note that there are 2 roles for black actors.

Bios & Photo References:

Available Roles:

  • Theda Bara, the first sex symbol of the silent film era.
  • *Virginia Coffey, civil rights activist who helped desegregate Coney Island.
  • Dorothy Dolbey, the first woman to serve as mayor of Cincinnati.
  • Cora Dow, the entrepreneur of the Dow’s Drugs chain of drugstores.
  • *Sarah Fossett, an operative in the Underground Railroad who desegregated the city’s streetcars.
  • Dottie Kamenshek, a champion baseball player of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
  • Edna Murphey, the founder of Odorono anti-perspirant who changed advertising.
  • Sister Anthony O’Connell, a nun who worked as a field nurse during the Civil War.
  • Jessie M. Partlon, a pioneering journalist and women’s rights activist.
  • Venus Ramey, the former Miss America who turned to politics.



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