Auditions Announced for EARWORM at Impaired Vision Productions

IVP_logoAuditions announced for EARWORM produced by Impaired Vision Productions
with support from Falcon Theater

Directed by: Robert Carlton Stimmel
Produced by: Impaired Vision Productions with support from Falcon Theater

Where: Kenton County Library, Covington Branch
Conference Room 2 (Basement Level)
502 Scott Blvd
Covington, KY 41011

When: Saturday, April 27th 10am-2pm

If you are interested in auditioning but are unable to attend this time slot please email and we will attempt to coordinate another option

To Sign Up: Go to
or email us directly at

Show Dates: Tech and performances will be held between Sunday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 29th. Rehearsals will begin mid-May.

All performances will be held at Falcon Theater
636 Monmouth St
Newport, KY

What to bring: Please bring a headshot, resume, and list of all known conflicts from May through the close of the show. We will ask you to read provided sides from the script. Time permitting, you may have the opportunity to showcase other material if you have it prepared

Synopsis: Welcome to William’s Earworm meetings, a support group for those that are plagued by a catchy tune that won’t let loose. Each week, the members come together to attempt to decipher the reasons why they each have their unique songs stuck with them. It’s at these meetings that Chris meets Rachel, and they quickly discover that the key to alleviating their Earworms, may just lie in each other. But when they finally discover the silence, how much are they willing to sacrifice to keep the quiet?

Written by Cincinnati native, David Bryant, Earworm deals with themes of mental health, addiction, relationships, and how we perceive the world around us.

Available Roles:

  • William: 30s to 40s, Earworm counselor, carries an aura of confidence and wisdom. William is the professor type and always wants to teach somebody something.
  • Bob: mid 20’s to 30’s, Chris’s roommate, works night-shift, and a huge nerd. Bob is abnormal in all the best ways. He has unique tastes and is always caring and optimistic.
  • Tucker: mid 20 to 30’s, irritable, opinionated, and looking for answers. He dresses well and people often mistake him for being gay. Tucker is not closed minded, but he gets frustrated easily.
  • Olivia: mid 20’s to 30’s, shy, awkward, and a hopeless romantic. Olivia puts her crushes on a pedestal but can’t muster enough courage to talk to them, let alone ask them out. She dresses in loose, baggy free-spirited clothing.

The roles of Chris and Rachel have been cast

All roles will receive a stipend at the close of production

Please visit our website at for more information about us, or email with any questions.

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