Auditions Announced for X*ACT Repertory Theater

xactFeaturing Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT and Moliere’s TARTUFFE.

Each play will be shown on alternate nights for two weekends.  Actors will play one role in each play.  For instance, actor who plays title role of TARTUFFE, will also play Aguecheek in TWELFTH NIGHT.

(See character descriptions below)

Auditions are February 25 and 27 at 7:00 pm

Auditions will be cold readings from both scripts.

Tony Copper will direct TWELFTH NIGHT.
Connie Strait will direct TARTUFFE.

Show Dates:  May 23rd to June 2nd

45 E. Second St.
Xenia, OH 45385

Character Descriptions for TARTUFFE:

  • Orgon (male, 40 -60) Head of household who has fallen under the influence of the hypocrite, Tartuffe
  • Elmire (female, 30-50) Second wife of Orgon, a reasonable and attractive woman who is concerned about her husband
  • Damis (male, 20-30) Son of Orgon, stepson of Elmire
  • Mariane (female 20-30) Daughter of Orgon, step-daughter of Elmire. In love with Valere but Orgon wants her to marry Tartuffe.
  • Mme. Pernelle (female, 60-80) Mother of Orgon, silly woman also deluded by and in thrall to Tartuffe.
  • Valere (male, 25-40) Mariane’s suitor, who is rejected by Orgon in favor of Tartuffe, although Orgon has already promised Mariane to him.
  • Cleante (male, 40-60) Orgon’s brother-in-law; brother of Elmire. His is the voice of reason and calm amidst the chaos.
  • Tartuffe (male, 40-60) a religious hypocrite, an imposter, who weasels his way into Orgon’s confidence and then betrays him.
    Dorine (female, any age) Mariane’s maid who acts as a cunning manipulator and commentator on the actions of the play and a source of much comedy. Feisty.
  • Flipote (female, any age) Mme. Pernelle’s maid.
  • M. Loyal, bailiff (male, any age) He serves Orgon his eviction papers.
  • Police Officer (male, any age) He brings Tartuffe to Orgon’s home towards the play’s end.

Character Descriptions for TWELFTH NIGHT:

  • Orsino (Male, 25 – 35): Duke of Illyria, he woos Olivia even as she
    mourns her dead brother
  • Valcurio (Male, 20 – 25): A gentleman who attends Orsino
  • Viola (Female, 25 -30): A survivor of a shipwreck, disguises herself
    as “Cesario” to attend Orsino, falls in love with the Duke
  • Maria (Female, 35 & Up): Olivia’s gentlewoman, she is the witty author
    to humiliate Malvolio
  • Sir Toby Belch (Male, 35 & Up): Uncle to Olivia, a lover of drink & merry-making
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Male, 25 – 35): A wealthy and inane guest in
    Olivia’s home, he makes sloppy attempts to woo Olivia
  • Feste (Male, 25 & Up): Clown in the home of Olivia, he acts as a
    commentator on events. Actor must be able to play guitar & sing
  • Olivia (Female, 25 – 30): A rich countess, having vowed to mourn her
    brother for seven years she rejects the advances of Duke Orsino
  • Malvolio (Male, 35 & Up):Steward to Olivia, peevish and servile, he is
    accused of believing “that all that look on him love him.”
  • Sebastian (Male, 25 – 30): Twin brother to Viola, he is initially
    feared to have perished in a storm at sea.
  • Antonia (Female, 30 & Up): A pirate, in love with Sebastian whom she
    saved from the storm at sea.
  • Fabiana (Female, 20 – 25): A servant to Olivia, she joins in the
    mockery of Malvolio

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