A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM on the WHHS Stage Valentine’s Day Weekend


By Mikki Schaffner Photography.

“Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be.”


By Mikki Schaffner Photography.

Cincinnati OH – Join us this Valentine’s Day weekend at Walnut Hills High School for a retelling of a famous play but in a way you’ve never seen it before. Senior high students take on the classic comedy A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM with its usual twists and turns, but this time everything is in the 1970’s. Accompanied by a live band, you get to follow the story through the faeries, the “rude mechanicals,” and the quartet of lovers as their plots converge in hilarious twists and turns (the course of true love never did run smooth, right?). This show is not one you will want to miss, so dig out your bell bottoms and tie dye shirts, and join us on a magical journey.


By Mikki Schaffner Photography.

The show will run February 14th through February 16th at 7pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and children.

Show Synopsis
By William Shakespeare
One of the greatest comedies ever written, A Midsummer Night’s Dream revolves around the adventures of four young lovers and their interactions with the fairies that inhabit a mysterious forest. Their romantic intrigues are confused and complicated still further by Puck, a mischievous fairy, who causes hilarious bouts of confusion. Other visitors to the enchanted forest include Nick Bottom, the weaver, and his friends Snug, Snout, Quince and Flute: the amateur dramatists who want to rehearse their terrible (but hilarious) version of the play Pyramus and Thisbe that they will perform for the Duke of Athens upon his wedding day. Set in the 1970s and integrated with music and dance, this production will be a comedic spectacle that brings The Bard to our larger venue.

Directed by Michael Sherman, Assistant Directed by Lydia Noll.
Production Stage Manager: Reeya Dighe


By Mikki Schaffner Photography.

Featuring De’Ariss Hope as Theseus, Naomi Stoner as Hippolyta, Sam Frank as Egeus, Oliver Vockell as Demetrius, Louis Martini as Lysander, Caroline Yaeger as Hermia, Katie Sutkamp as Helena, Milan Parikh as Philostrate, Grace Davis as Titania, Jowon Briggs as Oberon, Peter Godsey as Puck, Colby James as Moth, Kennedy Nadermann as Cobweb, Lincoln Messerly as Mustardseed, Tamir Gray as Peasblossom, Lily Adams as Patty Quince, Jack Giglia as Nick Bottom, Matthew Eggers as Francis Flute, Elle Bisheimer as Tina Snout, Clare Brennan as Robin Starveling, Brando Donaldson as Snug, and ensemble members Cam Hogue, Ingrid Kindel, Anna Gavin, Grace Kelly Fulton, Sarah Mansfield, Joanna Acio-Alele, Christina Picklo, Kendal Cooke, Kyra Krumins, Charlie Patterson, Owen Cummings, Bettina Ernst, Rehme Leanza, Olivia Busche, Talia Raider-Roth, Piper Sauerbrunn, and Derrick McHale

Performance Dates:
February 14-16 @ 7pm

WHHS Auditorium

Buy Tickets:

By Chloe Burwinkel
January 20, 2019


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